Monday, November 3, 2008

Are you sure it's November??

Technically, it's November 3rd... But here in the upper Midwest, the last few days have felt like summer or Indian summer. It's been fabulous. Today....73 and gorgeous. So we hit the park for a picnic and playing and some last minute fall photos.

The boys climbing a rock at the play area
Watching the ducks and geese, who honked LOUDLY at us, since we had no food for them!

Some beautiful fall colors

Enjoying the fall leaves!

Mission Accomplished!!! 2 sleepy-heads on the way home!!!


I have been a slacker both as a mom, and a blogger. In all the weekend festivities, Halloween photos did not get posted... oopsies!!

Halloween Friday was lots of fun. It has been a long anticipated day in this house, and both boys had specific costumes they wanted to wear. And this year, they were SURE about what they wanted to be... no indecisiveness around here!

Trevor had a party at school in the morning, and while Blake was jealous, he found entertainment in watching all the Halloween cartoon specials that were on TV. The morning was also filled with requests for candy and wearing his Elmo costume. Both requests were denied!!

After lunch, I went to work, so Grandma got to deal with the over-anxious children who couldn't wait for me to get home. I returned from work, and was rushed upstairs and into my costume so we could go "trick-treating". There is NO doubt Trevor knows exactly what this holiday is about... CANDY! And he was ready!

The boys walked almost the ENTIRE neighborhood (about a mile all told!) without a complaint, or slowing down. They were really into it this year, and for the first time, there was no skipping of houses. In the past, I have gone to the home of the neighbors I knew... not this year. Every house was a source of candy, and so we must go and ring the bell. Blake, even pushed aside his fear of dogs for candy.... WOW!!

The highlight of the evening for Trevor was discovering that a new friend from school is also a neighbor! He lives just 4 houses down the street! So we joined forces trick or treating together for a while, until E had to go home for a party. Trevor is THRILLED to have a friend right here in the neighborhood (and I'm thinking this may make going to Kindergarten next year, a WHOLE lot easier!!).

Oh, the other high point of the evening was Grandma's costume. She was the HIT of the neighborhood. Her costume, was all Trevor's idea!!! And Kudos to Kate for making both Trevor and Grandma's costumes, and enhancing Blake's. Take a look....

Me (Care Bear), Trevor (spider), Grandma (mushroom)

Blake as Elmo dressed like a Bat (his request)
T & B in the wagon as we neared the 1 mile mark... only 3 houses left!!Me in my care bear costume. I was quite proud of this idea, and final product. The tummy, rather than the traditional care bears I grew up with says "Mommy To Be Bear" and was my way of announcing my pregnancy to everyone. And, with a little of Steve's help, I did most of the construction, myself!