Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is TV her life??

Looking back at the last few weeks of blogging, the answer to the above question would be yes.

In reality, I've been working, sleeping, ferrying the kids to school, and trying to get out from under a bunch of stuff I put off while enjoying the summer. So, sorry that the blogging has been less than thrilling, and not much about the family. I'm not sure what me and the kids have done in the last few weeks that is really interesting or noteworthy. Oops!!

As for TV....

Biggest Loser - I thought this week's challenge - camping - was just interesting. It was SAD to me to see how uncomfortable all those people were out in nature, and that they couldn't think of any ways to exercise!!! DUH!!! I also thought the no-vote, lowest percentage sends one home was interesting. I guess if my team has to be split, I'd rather decide it with my partner, than have the rest of the teams decide it. I was sad to see either of the Yellow team go, but it makes sense to pick Jerry as his injuries were slowing him down.

Dancing With The Stars - Seriously! Cloris is still here. I'm sorry, I guess I just don't appreciate her humor, cause I find many of the moments on camera (such as the final 2 waiting to find out who would go home) painful and annoying vs. funny. I do think that Kim didn't do a great job and I was not a big fan/supporter of hers. I don't think she got my vote last night so I guess I'm part of why she went home. I thought she could have improved, but now we won't find out. Sad to see Mark go, he's a cutie!


A few random kid-ism's from the last few days:

While changing Blake's diaper, he points down and says "That's my pen!s". "Yes dear," I respond. His response, "I want 2 pen!ses!" HA HA!!! I think he just summed up what most men have been thinking their whole lives!!!

Trevor over the last 2 weeks, has been whinny each morning when he learns it's a school day. He fusses from wake up until I drop him at school and run out the door, leaving him crying (or nearly) and usually with a teacher holding him from clinging to me. Today, his friend Shayla told me after school that he stopped as soon as I left. So I asked Trevor about it in the car. He says, "I just cry to make you stay. I'm not really sad." GRRR.....kids!!!

I promise I'll try and have interesting life moments with the kids the next few days so I can have something besides TV to blog about. Oh wait, the playoffs start tomorrow.....nevermind!! No life for me, just CUBS!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

SNL.....and Palin

SNL.... gawd, I haven't really watched this show since High School. You know, you get old and go to bed early, the show seems to lose that something it used to have. And somehow, in the last 15 years, I just haven't watched it much.

Lately, I've started checking the web to see what skits they've been doing, relating to the presidential race. I'm glad to see SNL is back in FINE format, and I love the work of Tina Fey.

This clip is just too perfect. Especially the part about using a "lifeline".....it's worth waiting til the end for that one!!!

DWTS Week 2

Yay, more dancing. But I have to say, the Rumba is not a dance I enjoy. For me, too much posing and posturing and not enough foot movement. I don't care how much their feet move, it's still boring. With that in mind, it's hard for me to judge tonight's dances, because the 6 couples that did the Rumba are kinda getting a rough deal in my head. Anyway...

I was quite impressed with Brooke & Derekand Warren & Kym (these football players keep doing SO well).

I thought Cloris & Corky and Susan & Tony did much better this week, each of those being relative statements. Cloris finally did more dancing than acting this week, which is what the show is all about. THANK YOU!

I thought Rocco & Karina, Kim & Mark, and Maurice and Cheryl deserved higher scores.

While I like Lance & Lacey being original, tonight's dance was NOT a Paso Doble, so their scores are appropriate.

I want to like Misty & Maks, but they need to connect to each other better....she's kinda un-engaged emotionally with him.

Yet, again I have to say I see Cloris & Corky deserving to go home. She did much more dancing than last week, especially dance #2, but it's still a contest of who is the best dancer, and she's just not going to win that. Sorry....

Amazing Race 13

Thank god it's back! I LOVE this show! I would so be on it if my kids weren't so young. Maybe in 10 years if they're still doing it!!

Last night's season premiere did not dissapoint. I was surprised to see only 1 married couple, and older at that. Usually there are a few married couples who've been together 5-ish years. I guess I should count the pair from Florida, Ken & Tina, who are separated, as married...but we'll see at the end of the season. I expect their relationship issues to affect their race performance, but last night proved me wrong. However, it's still early!

I was not at all surprised to see a token set of blondes on the show. I think the last few seasons have always had the pair of "more-concerned-with-our-looks-or-getting-guys" type gals, who also happen to be blonde, and this season is no different. I predict Marisa & Brooke, the "Southern Belles" will not make it very far....maybe 7th place at best.

Another team that came to my attention, but not necessarily for positive reasons, the 'Frat Guys'. They came to my attention due to one team member wearing a Delaware t-shirt. Great publicity for my home state - NOT!!! Dude, is he actually from Delaware? Ugh! I am not expecting much from these guys, except maybe some girl chasing of the southern belles.

My top 3 picks:

Toni & Dallas- Mom & Son - I think the fact that she's raised him alone will help them get farther than other mother/son teams. So far, they seem to have a positive respectful relationship which is definetly more than other parent/child teams in the past.

Nick & Starr - Brother & Sister - While the opening footage of them doing cheerleading moves together, leads Steve and I to question certain things, those things are not relevant to the winning of the race. They seem to have a close brother/sister relationship and also are quite athletic.

Kelly & Christy - Divorced Friends - I think there is a possible strength in these two females due to what they've dealt with personally in the last few years. I base my choice soley on the fact that you shouldn't mess with pissed-off women, so watch out for these two!!

I was sad to see Anita & Arthur go. I've seen some gerat older couples do quite well at this race over the past seasons, and I honestly thought they had a chance to be one of those. In fact, they were my #4 finisher pick. Oops, guess I'm not that good!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DWTS Night 2

Night #2 of DWTS! Yay!! It took all 2 hours of the show, but I got my 1st voted off right. Good bye Jeff & Edyta. Sorry, but dancing just wasn't for him.

I debated doing a couple by couple run down for tonight, but my head just wants to hit my pillow so I'll skip it. I really enjoyed Brooke & Derek and they deserve #1. I really thought Maurice & Cheryl, Ted & Inna, Cody & Julianne, Rocco & Karina, and Susan & Tony IMPROVED dramatically. I was dissapointed by Cloris & Corky -no substance; Kim & Mark -bad song choice, and she just didn't move like he did.

Sorry to say, but I think Cloris is going home. She's entertaining, but not able to compete at this level! Good for her for trying!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dancing with the Stars

WOO HOO!! I love this show! I'm so glad it's back, and night #1 did NOT dissapoint. I am not a big American Idol or Survivor watcher, but this is my show. And I will follow it VERY closely, and blog about it to no end. If you don't care....well too bad!!! =)

Now for my reviews....which, yes are just my opinion. While I am a former dancer (from age 9-17), I am by no means familiar with Ballroom dancing (that's my brother's area!-go Tim!), and have no qualifications to be a judge. This show however, is sadly a popularity contest, and I at least try to base my votes on who dances well (in my opinion) and not who's cuter, more famous, etc.


Cody & Julieanne - 7th - Umm, 1 word... dull! She's spent a lot of time doing things aside from dancing lately (country music, magazine covers) and I don't really care for that. Dance because you love it. Do DWTS because it's a challenge. But now you're just another famous person trying to make too much $$$. And him, again dull..... Just didn't do it for me. Guess you can tell I'm too old for Hannah Montana.

Rocco & Karina - 12th - Well, they were better than the first two. Not sure I can say much more than that. I would like to see them back a few more times to see if they can get better. In the meantime, he can cook for me anytime!!

Toni & Alec - 2nd - WOO HOO!!! I'm sorry, these two should be in first!! Kudos to Toni for doing this with her heart condition. I love people like this who go out and do something to prove they can (like past contestants Marlee Matlin, Marissa Jaret Winokur, & Heather Mills). I was very impressed by her musicallity (okay she is a singer) and their connection!

Maurice & Cheryl - 7th - Well, at least Cheryl hasn't been handed the competition this year, as it seemed in past years. Don't get me wrong, I like her, but don't make it a give-away that she'll win it! They weren't bad. He's a lot of fun - I like Carrie Ann comparing him to James Brown! I want to see more.

Brooke & Derek - 1st - First of all, I want to look like that after having 4 kids, and 6 months after having my latest!! Holy Cow!! They were good and fun! I'm seeing a possible champion but I honsetly thought Toni & Alec were better (or at least as good).

Ted & Inna - 7th - Hey, it's Jefferson Darcy (Mr Marcy Darcy) from Married with Children. My parents tried to stop me from watching that messed up show, but I loved it!!! And he was pretty funny! Better than Cody and Maurice IMHO.

Lance & Lacey - 2nd - Seriously, more *NSYNC guys, really. I wasn't a fan, EVER. Joey Fatone grew on me during season 4, but I',m not sure Lance will. I will give them credit for originality, and making ballroom 'cool' but I like traditional ballroom, so I'm a little with Len on this one. Show me some technical substance and then I'll be with you on the originality factor.

Cloris & Corky - 10th - Okay, she was a hoot after the dance and backstage! I wasn't hugely impressed with her technical ability, BUT she's eighty-frickin'-two and I doubt I'll be able to move like that at that age. So I give her HUGE kudos. I truly hope I can move like that at 82! But she's not making my top3.

Jeff & Edyta - 13th - So usually, when Edyta dances comments come up about wardrobe. I believe that will be true again tonight. But not about Edyta for once... but about Jeff. What was wardrobe thinking. He's not a thin/small guy. That's fine. But that outfit DID NOT help him look any more graceful or good (like Warren Sapp's did) at all!!! They're sabotaging him or something. That being said, even with the wardrobe issues aside....sorry, it's time to go Jeff. Back to Comedy Central!

Kim & Mark - 6th - Well, they were good technically, but I agree with the judges that they lacked chemistry between them and with the audience. I want to see more and they might be top 3 material.

Susan & Tony - 11th - Okay, the weight comment is already getting tons of press online. I think CarrieAnn meant it as a strength thing as she did look like she was going to break like a twig at times. Moving on.... They were really stiff together. Maybe she will be better at ballroom, but I'm not convinced right now. But I think Rocco was better than her!!

Misty & Maks - 4th - Well, she was VERY jock. But she was WAY better than Steffi Graf last year. I think the judges got it right that she needs to relax more and she'll improve.

Warren & Kym - 4th - Not quite Emmit Smith, but pretty damn good for a big man and football player. I'm very impressed by his footwork, and they were a lot of fun!

Hmm...top 3: Toni & Alec; Brooke & Derek; Lance & Lacey.
Good bye #1: Jeff & Edyta

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good Day!

Woo Hoo!!

I'm dead tired, but I have 3 reasons today was a great day:

1. Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

2. I'm now only 39 Wii years old!!! (down from 55+)

3. The CUBS clinched the NL Central Division Championship!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Now I will go to bed a happy Cubbie fan!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Biggest Loser

All right, I admit it, I am a reality show watcher. In fact, in the next few weeks, my 3 favorite reality shows start: Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars, and Amazing Race. Each I enjoy for various reasons, but I will admit that without TiVo, I would NOT be watching (way TOO much fake drama and recapping of the basic plot).

Anyway.... after a killer day at work, I came home to the season premiere of probably the most mindless of the three shows. But still I enjoy it. After watching tonight, I will tell you that I don't personally care for the Purple Team, Shellay & Amy, and hope they don'twin it - they seem a little whiny.

My top 3: Red - Phillip& Amy; Yellow- Jerry & Coleen; and Orange, Ed & Heba,

I was very surprised to see both Orange and Green in the bottom two. I guess Green's cocky attitude is why they got voted off, but it's so early it's very hard to guess.

Ironically, every week for the past few seasons, when Steve & I sit down to watch this show, we get about 5 minutes into the show, and both go the kitchen for snacks!!! We can't watch the show without eating!!! Ooopsies!

Houston, we have a problem!

Well, Houston may have a problem. But Chicago is doing JUST FINE!!! In baseball terms at least!!!

Yesterday, I took advantage of a wonderful series of coincidences. The one not wonderful part being Hurricane Ike. I do hope that everyone impacted by Ike is safe and sound, and that they can get back home ASAP. That being said...

The wonderful coincidences: the timing of the hurricane and the Cubs visit to Houston; the fact that they ended up rescheduling the games to Milwaukee on Sunday & Monday; and that I NEVER work on Monday's.

So, yesterday we went to the Cubs vs. Astros game, in Milwaukee. That's confusing enough to those of us who follow baseball (or that don't) but Trevor was VERY confused by it. All thru the game he kept asking me if the Pirates were winning!!! He knows his NL Central teams, but he got all mixed up yesterday!!

The game was great, the kids were pretty darn good, and the Cubs WON!!! All's well that ends well. I got to see quite a bit of the game, but retrospectively, it was the scoreless innings that we sat through and somehow I missed the big home run innings!!! Oh well!!

The view from our 'official' seats (We wandered the park due to the kids and saw parts of the game from almost everwhere, including the upper deck, where we weren't supposed to be!! Oopsies!)
Trevor and his peanuts. He really loves shelling them and getting to make a mess!

Blake and his peanuts. He prefers to eat them Daddy-style, without shelling them! He just bites in!In the kids play area, hanging with the Hot-Dog and Chorizo. (Milwaukee does a Sausage Race involving these 2 and 3 others (italian sausage, bratwurst, and polish sausage.)
Trevor practiced his pitching.

My picture of the scoreboard at the top of the 7th, just before the Cubs no-hitter was broken up. Sunday, the Cubs threw a no hitter, and therefore went 15 straight innings without allowing a hit!!! Woo Hoo!
The scoreboard now showing the 1 (and only) hit.The boys enjoying their ice cream before we headed home!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Calgon, Take Me Away

Tonight was bath night.

Trevor: "Now this is the way to relax!" I almost fell over laughing!!!

Aren't they cute!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Visiting Cincinnati

We spent Labor Day weekend in Cincinnati with my cousin. Orginally, our other cousin was supposed to join us (and we would have had 6 kids under 5 together!), but alas she could not make it.

None the less, we had a grand time, with my cousin, her 2 boys, my aunt, and my birth father and his wife.

The little boys playing at the train table (always a favorite)
The big boys playing the Wii (after the little boys went to bed!)
A rare moment with all 4 little boys in one picture!
At the Cincinnati Zoo (Trevor requested a visit there, after remembering we went last year!)

My cousin's boys (aww, how cute)
Three boys in a wagon (gee, they can fit!)
The 'best' posed photo of the 4 boys. REALLY hard to get 4 kids under 5 to pose nicely for any amount of time!!
The best posed photo of the parents and kids (ditto the comment above, about the parents too!)

Thanks for letting us invade, Klarysa! It was great to see you and the family! You're always welcome here!!

Uncle Tim's Reception

So, ages ago....like 3 weeks, in fact. Uncle Tim (from MO not from DE, there are 2 Uncle Tim's....so confusing!), was here in town for his wedding reception.

So let's back up a moment. In July, Tim & Kimberlee got married in South Carolina, on a small island right near Hilton Head. Immediate family were initially invited, and Steve, the kids and I were ready to jump a plane and go (I'm thinking VACATION!) but not all the other siblings could make it, so plans changed. They got married with their parents in attendance, and Tim & Steve's mom planned a reception here for the end of August.

Trevor and Blake were quite excited, to see Uncle Tim, meet Kimberlee, and go to a wedding (well almost!). It was a very nice reception, lots of family that we don't see a lot, and many people ended up coming back to our place afterward to continue the festivities!

A few pictures.....nothing major or fancy as I spent much of my time either: a) resting my sore back or b) trying to get the kids to stay out of trouble or eat something!!!

Congrats to Tim & Kimberlee!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Wii takes over

So, 1 day after plugging it in and setting it up, BOTH boys noticed something new atop the TV. Trevor even pointed to it and said "Is that a Game Daddy?". So much for not telling them.

So we played, and Trevor remembered it from a friends house. The two boys were playing with Steve's help (Horse Racing I believe), and Trevor loses to Blake. Trevor turns to him and says, "Can you not go so fast. You're beatin' me little man!"

It was TOO Funny!!!

PS....My Wii age: 66 Steve's age: 36. Did I mention my back has been hurt??! Maybe I shouldn't be insulted until my back is all better!

Photos coming later tonight!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The house has been invaded

by a Nintendo Wii. Yup, we finally got one and joined the craze! Steve has already been on it for the last 2+ hours.

I went to Toys R Us today, and they had a big sign proclaiming "Wii in Stock". So I texted Steve, and now we have one. He'd been shopping online and putting packages together, but why ship when you can buy in person.

Now I just need a Wii Fit. Oh, and a fixed back (although it is MUCH better).

I also just realized, this is the FIRST video game system I have ever owned, or that my family has owned. I.e. mom and dad NEVER got us an atari, nintendo, etc. WOW! Was I a deprived child, or am I not doing my kids any favors by getting them involved in this world at this young age??

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Getting Back to Normal

Well, I finally saw the Chiropractor. I'm not fully 'fixed', but I'm ALOT better. I go back Friday.

Work also started full-time again this week, so I'm back to really busy!!!

I swear a more interesting post, along with photos of the boys is coming soon!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh my Back!

Okay.... I have tons of things I should and could post about. Such as my mom visiting for 4 days, our 4 day trip to see my cousins in Cincinnati, T going back to school, etc. But all of that will have to wait.

10 days ago I hurt my back. How you ask? I was cleaning my stinking house!!! Well, it was getting better, so I didn't call the Dr. I try to let my body heal on it's own without medical intervention whenever possible. By Thursday I was pretty good and walked the zoo with my mom and the kids.

But I think 2 days of 7 hours in the car to Cincy and back didn't help and today I am like an 80-year-old woman. I can barely walk, sit, stand, etc. So, sitting at the computer will not continue, and therefore, I will delay my updates for another day.

I'm calling the Chiropractor in the morning!!!