Monday, February 15, 2010

Isabelle the 10th Month

It's been a fun month, with lots of stuff going on, hence the lack of blog posts. Oopsies!

She's 10 months old! She still isn't walking, but she's getting very close on that one! She'll take single steps regularly, and stand without holding on for 5+ minutes. I'd say I'm expecting true walking and multiple steps very soon, but I've been thinking that for a while now. I'm starting to wonder if this little girl has her own agenda and will walk "when she's darn good and ready!" Who knows when, but I'm not really in a rush for my baby to walk!!

And while she still has ZERO teeth, that doesn't seem to be slowing her down on trying new foods. Thanks to a friend, she tried and liked steamed whole peas. So then we tried steamed carrots, a variety of beans (black & red are her favorites) and just this weekend, she tried little pieces of turkey. She loves them all, really likes feeding herself, and seems to have an endless appetite!!! She's still getting spoon-fed lots of pureed food to make sure she's actually getting enough to eat, and she's still nursing, but it's nice for her to get to do more of the work too!

The other big news on the eating front is YOGURT!! She's been eating yogurt successfully (i.e. with no rash or other reactions) for about a month now. We started out with one serving every three or four days, and when there was no reaction, we moved it up. Now she's eating it every night for dinner, and she LOVES it!!! She bangs on the high chair for "more, more". I'm hoping this means that the transition to milk in a few months will be seamless, and that her dairy issues are behind her!

She's consistently sleeping thru the night now!!! She'll go to bed about 7:30 or 8, and wake up at about 7!!! I am really appreciating this! But now that I don't have "interrupted sleep" as an excuse, I should really be getting up early in the mornings to exercise!!!

She's also learned to crawl up stairs! She was motivated one night, when she could hear the boys but not see them. She went to the stairs, heard them up in their room, and up she went. And she was good at it! Of course, the going down part is not so easy!
Finally, it seems we have conquered the bath issue. Thanks to a toy from Mam-gu (my mother). She's enjoyed the last few baths she's gotten, because of the wonderful octopus toy. I think I should buy a few more of them now, just in case!!!

The reason one of her nicknames is Flipper: