Thursday, July 29, 2010


Many times in the past, we have asked the boys if they want to participate in various sports: swimming, soccer, t-ball. Initially, Blake has resisted them all. He now willingly takes swim lessons, but only if he's with Trevor. He's declined many chances to play soccer and t-ball, and prefers sitting on the sidelines watching. Once he said he'd play soccer and we signed him up, only to have him refuse on the first day.

Again, this spring we asked if he wanted to play t-ball, and this time he said yes. I was cautiously hopeful since the t-ball was for 4-6 year-olds, so both boys would be playing together. Not so gently, I reminded and 'encouraged' B that he was going to play t-ball and that if he did, we could go to Culver's for lunch after. After 4.5 years of parenting this kid, I've learned how to motivate him!!!

Week 1 of t-ball was in mid- June, while we were camping. Oh well.... It wasn't very expensive to sign them up, so I wasn't too upset we were missing one.

Week 2 of t-ball was canceled due to standing water on the playing field! Yes, we had a good amount of rain in mid-June but I was sad that this was the case. So we had our own t-ball practice in the backyard, and I think the boys had a good time!!

T batting
T throwing to B, who might catch it, if he takes his glove off his head!
The boys trying to catch the balls Daddy was hitting.
Daddy hitting balls to the boys

Then they had a week off for 4th of July.

Week 3 of t-ball was on Trevor's birthday. They were excited to go play, and they both ran on to the field with out an argument! They got put on teams, and got to pick their own numbers.

B trying to beat the throw to first
B getting the ball to throw out the runner
T running past the kid in front of him. He always HAS to be in front!
T taking a swing.
B getting ready to bat

Week 4 was similar to week 3. They worked on more skills and fundamentals. I am pretty impressed by the organization running this program. There are a good number of 'coaches' for the number of kids playing, they focus on basic skills and really reinforce them (good throwing stance, running the bases, how to hold the bat, etc.) and yet they do it in a really fun way so the kids are having a good time and don't realize how much they are learning and how hard they are working. I think it was money well spent.

B (blue hat) and T (red hat) playing the field.

T playing 1st and hoping someone will throw him the ball so he can get someone out!
B taking off for first after hitting the ball.

Week 5 was rained out while I was on vacation. Lucky Daddy didn't have to deal with taking them on his own while I was out of town.

So instead of t-ball finishing up this weekend, we've got 3 more weeks to go. I guess it's not a bad thing since we don't have vacation plans, but it's not exactly how I planned it! I just hope August isn't burning hot!!

I LOVE the jersey numbers they picked. I will always remember how old they were for this season of t-ball!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hmmm, it seems a month (okay, closer to 5 weeks!) have passed and I have not posted a darn thing!!! Just in case you were wondering, here's what we've been up to:
  • Strawberry picking
  • Making jam (strawberry and home-grown raspberry)
  • Going to the strawberry festival (we ate the most DELICIOUS chocolate covered strawberries, and came home with strawberry donuts!
  • T-ball for the boys
  • Volleyball league for me
  • 2 weeks of YMCA summer camp for the boys
  • Library visits, including a session about Dinosaurs, a science session, and lots of book checkout and reading
  • A zoo camp one morning that gave the boys a chance to be "junior zookeepers for a day"
  • Trevor's 6th birthday and party
  • My birthday and dinner out with my girlfriends
  • A birthday party for a good friend of the boys
  • Dr visits (well-checks) for Trev (6 year) and Izzy (15 month)
  • Trevor's 6 year old photos
  • Summer familly birthday party for Trevor, me, Aunt Kate, and cousin Melissa
  • My week long vacation to New York with my Mom
And those are just the things that made the actual calendar on the wall. I'm sure there were a few trips to parks, the mall, and various other places that happened on the fly!

So that's why I haven't been blogging much lately. I'm going to try and post some photos of all that stuff, although some of them are already on Facebook. And I'm going to try to post about at least a few of the most important happenings here in the next week!!!