Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Blake!

Monday we celebrated Blake's 4th Birthday! With the hubbub that is the holiday season, I'm of course posting this late!

4 years ago....

It was a Tuesday night, hubby was off work for the holiday's, and I was hoping to have this baby before the New Year arrived. At about 11 pm, I went to bed. But being 9 months pregnant, I couldn't sleep in our water bed, so I was sleeping on the couch in the living room. So I went to sleep, and hubby was upstairs playing computer games (since he couldn't watch TV).

I woke up at about 1 am to go to the bathroom, and recall seeing the light on upstairs still. But I wasn't surprised, hubby is usually up late playing games. I lay back down on the couch, but couldn't get to sleep. I was uncomfortable in EVERY position. After about 30 or 45 minutes, I went upstairs to see if I could get comfy in bed. By now, hubby had gone to bed, but wasn't asleep yet. I tried not to disturb him as I continued to change positions and try to get to sleep. Here and there, I was having some light contractions, but in my mind they weren't very strong and they weren't very regular. So I kept thinking that both hubby and I should get more sleep while we still could.

By 2:30 am, I still hadn't gotten to sleep, and I'm not sure hubby did either. At that point, he realized that I was in labor, even though I hadn't admitted it to myself yet! He had me call the doctor, and when I talked with her, she knew I was in labor, and suggested we get to the hospital ASAP. We called grandma, and she was here by 3 am. At this point, I was definitely feeling like I was in labor, but I still figured we had plenty of time!!

We left for the hospital got there by 3:30 am. Hubby was smart enough to bring along a plastic bag for me to puke in, and boy was I glad he did!! We went in through the ER entrance and they got me upstairs pretty fast, and I was in my room with a gown etc before 4 am. The next 30 minutes are a total blur to me. The nurse must have checked to see how far I was dilated (but I don't really remember that). Apparently, it was pretty far because they prepped the room, called the doctor, and somehow got an IV line in my arm. The doctor suddenly appeared, and with 1 push Blake Huntington was born at 4:17 am. WHEW!! He was 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and 19 3/4 inches long.

Blake lives day to day life just like his delivery....he's a whirlwind, always on the go, and can switch from happy to sad (or sad to happy) in a heartbeat, without any warning!!! He's my little whirlwind, who arrived in a flash, but I wouldn't have him any other way!!! I love you my BIG little man...Happy Birthday!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

So I've been a slacker in the blog-world. On the plus side, it's because I've been anything but a slacker in the real world!

In mid-November, Izzy and I took a plane ride to Delaware to visit family and friends. I got to catch up with an old friend from high school who I grew up with but who I haven't seen in years, and that was awesome! Then, I got together with a great group of friends who I've known for years but only known most of them via email conversations. We had a great night hanging out together and catching up. Finally, I got to spend a day at my brother's house, for his annual Pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Yummy and a great chance to see a few old acquaintances and meet some of his friends.

I came home just in time to host Thanksgiving dinner for us and hubby's family. 12 of us gathered for turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and all the other yummies. It was good to see all the cousins who are spread far apart these days.

Since then, I've been busy Christmas shopping (including Black Friday-a first for me!), decorating, and sending Christmas letters.

I've also been busy working on a new business venture....T-shirt Blankets. A few years ago, I took all of my college fraternity shirts that I rarely wore anymore and turned them into a blanket. At the time, I figured it was pretty simple and nothing special. But 3 or 4 years of using the blanket at the park for picnics has made me think otherwise. So many people stop to comment on it, and think it's a great idea, and something they'd love to have but never could do themselves. So....I figured I'd give it a try making blankets for other people. Heck, I've even put together a website for it. Wanna see??? Here's the page!

One last thing has been occupying my mind this last month. And unfortunately, I'm going to end this post on a sad note. I've been forced to realize just how lucky I am recently, because of some terrible things that have happened. First, a friend of a friend's family was driving to Disney World when their car was rear-ended. Sadly, their 4-year-old daughter, was critically injured and passed away. Shortly thereafter, we learned that DH's cousin's newborn daughter may be diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Details and a definite diagnosis are still pending, so right now we are playing a waiting game. Then, I learned of a friend's 5-year-old son diagnosis with stage four neuroblastoma. So far, he's doing well through stages of chemo and fighting hard. Finally, hubby's aunt passed away suddenly a week ago.

It's truly been a heart-breaking and emotionally exhausting few weeks. I am trying so hard to be thankful for everything I have, and to do all that I can to support those who are dealing with such terrible loss and pain at what should be the most wonderful time of the year. So send your positive thoughts, your prayers, or do whatever it is that you do, and make sure you say "Thank you" for all the good things in your own life.

Isabelle 8 Months

She's 8 months old, and I've barely blogged twice since she was 7 months old! Oopsies!!

Well, she's been busy (and so have I!). She went from barely being able to army crawl to a full crawl the weekend before Thanksgiving, to pulling herself up on furniture the week after Thanksgiving, and now she's pulling up all the time and cruising all around the furniture!

At this rate, she'll walk sooner than either of the boys. She's gotta walk by end of January to beat Trevor's record of 9 1/2 months! I think she's got a good chance of that!

Crawling under the table...just like her brothers before her!
And crawling under the her brothers before her!
Pulling up on (and tasting) the table

"Now I can reach everything!"
"Look Mom, one hand!"
This past month was also Izzy's first plane ride, and first visit to Delaware. She was great on the plane. On the ride there she was such the entertainer of all the people sitting around us and was just great. And on the ride home, she slept the entire ride and so did I!

Hanging out with Pa-Hugh

She also got to experience her first trip to the Christmas tree farm. Again, she had a great time and was a perfect angel!

She's still a happy girl 99% of the time!And she loves her brother! Especially now she can 'walk' with him!
My baby girl is growing up fast! But she's doing a great job of it!!