Friday, July 25, 2008

The cost of childhood

Note #1: We have spent two of the last 4 evenings at the county fair (a seperate post and photos to come on that later).

Note #2: We have a patch of garlic chives (kinda like green onions) growing in our herb garden in the backyard that the kids pick and eat. They just call them onions.


Tonight, T & B are playing on the swingset. T keeps yelling at B, to go over and get something, over there. I'm not paying a whole lot of attention. When I go over there a little while later, here's the detailed conversation:

Trevor: Go over to the garden and get 3 onions.

Blake: Oh. Over there?? Why?

Trevor: It costs 3 onions to go on this ride. Don't you want to ride on the swing?

Blake: Oh. Yeah!

Trevor: Then get 3 onions, that's how much it costs!

Signs you've spent too much time at the fair lately!!!

Too Funny

I stole this from a friend. It's too funny...

Or maybe this one is even better!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

County Fair

Nothing says summer like going to the County Fair. The boys are REALLY into it for the first time this year. We've gone in the past, but because I wanted to. This year, Trev was asking when it was time for the fair, and the rides, and the "smash-up herbie" (that's Demolition Derby to the rest of y'all).

We ended up going twice to the fair....once for the Monster Trucks, and once for the Derby. Along the way, we saw the animals (cows are the most stinky, pigs the least, according to the kids!), went on some rides, had some yummy fair food, and saw some friends.

Loving the rides
Sharing a foot-long corn dog
Monster trucks in action

With lawn-mower races in between the action!
Cheering on one of the only female monster truck drivers in the country! Go Shelly!!
Trev and Blake playing at "cops and robbers"! Although, I would have expected Trev to be the cop!!
Demolition Derby in action

3 more people

Yup, 3 more people got good news. A good long time friend, a new friend who has been thru much of what I've been thru, and a blog buddy. Me....not so much.

I'm happy for them all, really. But that's about all I have to say about that....

Maybe I should sell off all my old baby stuff that I'm saving for kid #3 and then I'll need it. Or maybe, I should just get drunk and go hang out in the backseat of a Chevy!!! At least that way, I'll have some fun!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

July Family Birthday Party

July is a busy birthday month in our house....Trevor, me, my SIL, and a cousin of my hubby. So each year, my MIL organizes a big family gathering to celebrate all those birthdays. This gathering was over a week ago now, but I'm finally getting around to posting pictures! Oopsies!!!

Steve, the boys, and cousin's Monica and Nicole
Water fights with Daddy are fun!

4 of the 5 cousins of the new generation playing.....Trevor, Blake, Nicole, and Amy
The birthday 'kids' having a good time, and ready for cake!
All the grandkids, spouses, significant others and great-grandkids
Happy Birthday!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trevor's 4th Birthday Party

It's Saturday morning and I wake up hoping and wishing that the noises I thought I heard last night were not thunder and rain. But alas, they were! =( It was a wet, drizzly, cloudy morning, and it never really got nice. So, 17 kids would have to play INSIDE for Trevor's party!

Considering the sheer number of people in the house (approx 32), it was a great success!! We had tons of fun just playing with our toys, doing some un-structured craft projects, eating pizza and cake, and most of all, opening the pinata!!!

A full house:
Sharing chairs - Duke, Trevor, and Blake eating pizza

More chair sharing: Blake, Trevor and Conner ready for cake.
It's Pinata time:
Quick, everyone grab some candy!

Opening presents

Playing with two of their favorite presents
It was great to have so many friends here, and get a chance to play and celebrate together! Thank you all so much for celebrating with us!!!

4th Birthday Cake

Drumroll please.... Trevor's 4th birthday cake is now being unveiled!

I was pretty impressed. Compared to the first three cakes, which one is your favorite?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Growing Up

Conversation today in the car:

Trevor: When I'm 8, I'll be grown-up and I won't need you anymore.

Me: Oh :-(

Trevor: It's okay, I'll still keep Blake safe.

Awwww.... at least he's planning to take care of his brother!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cute Moments from our DE trip

Just a few cute random shots from our trip last week. I've gotten behind on my posting and I wanted to get these out there.

Reading the directions to build birthday LEGOsHanging on Uncle Tim

Playing Mam-gu's harp
Playing the piano

Of course, I've got lots of other photos to post, so maybe today will be the day of many posts!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Da Beach

It's Beach day!! And in the end, it was a great day. It was a good idea to postpone and wait, but it was hard to convince the kids of that.

We left my folks house after breakfast and started the 2-hour drive down-state. Yes, Delaware is the 2nd smallest state, but thanks to no interstate, it's still 2 hours to go 90 miles! Oh well. About 1/2 way there, Trevor decided he no longer wanted to go. After various stall tactics, and re-direction ideas, we gave up and told him he was SOL...we were going to the beach. Then the fit started. For a while we ignored it, but that didn't work as his screeches got louder.

Finally, I pulled over into a parking lot, took him out of the car, and told him he was welcome to stand and scream and have a fit for as long as he wanted. I would be waiting in the car. (Yes, he was safe...he was in a grassy fenced area, where he couldn't leave since I blocked him in with the car). He looked at me like I was crazy, and watched me walk to the car. When he realized I wasn't leaving, he decided he was done with the fit and calmed down, came over to me and apologized. And so we continued to drive to the beach...

Once we got there, you would never have guessed this kid didn't want to go to the beach. He, and his brother and parents, had a BLAST!! We met up with my long-time friend Linda, her husband, and family there. We waded, built castles, dug holes, went tubing, ate lunch, had ice cream, and just lounged around for the whole day. Steve spent a TON of time in the surf just enjoying the waves. It really made the whole trip feel like a true vacation!

Trevor covering himself in sand
Eating sandwiches on the beach
Blake as far in the water as he would go!
Trevor trying out tubing, like he saw Daddy and Ron do.
Trevor LOVED tubing!

Both kids slept the entire car ride home, but the of course, they wouldn't go to bed!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

No Beach....Trains Instead!

Well, this morning dawned damp and rainy, so beach plans have been delayed. It was hard reasoning with the boys (when is it ever easy to reason with 2 kids under 5??), but eventually they were convinced that our alternate plans were just fine.... a old-fashioned steam rail road!!

We hit the road with Mam-gu and Pa-Hugh, and went to the Strasburg Rail Road in PA. We got to go on a 45-minute steam train ride through the GORGEOUS country side (gosh, I miss the hills and landscape of the East!). The boys thought the whole thing was a blast, seeing tons of old engines, carriages, and cabooses, as well as a few other train related paraphernalia! After the ride, we had a bite to eat, and checked out some attractions and the gift shop. They also had on display an 1898 Frick Steam Tractor. (My maiden name was Frick, so WAY cool). All in all a great day.

Mam-gu and Pa-Hugh on the train
Daddy and B pondering something. I now see the family resemblance of father and son (most days I have no idea who my kids look like!)
Trevor and Pa-Hugh enjoying the countryside.
Our beautiful steam engine.
Trevor powering the "cranky car".

Watching the Cagney train... the boys loved this tiny one!
My parents by the Frick Steam Engine!
Trevor and Blake riding in an Amish wagon, while Mam-gu added some ambiance by pretending to be a horse!!

After dinner (which included fabulous FRESH sweet corn...yay!), we decided to visit a few local parks. The kids were playing on the parks at the Elementary school where I went to Kindergarten and my brother went to 3rd grade (in between those years, they closed the school temporarily). I also spent many summer camps in the fields/forest by the school, and the boys even ran the bases on the ball field my brother spent so many years playing on. It was weird to realize all that, and to watch them reliving my childhood play areas.... weird, but cool!

After the park, it was off to Friendly's for ice cream. No trip out east is complete, for me, with out at least ice cream at Friendly's.... lots of fond childhood and high school memories include their ice cream. The boys loved their clown-face sundaes, and were thrilled to find tons of Reese's Pieces candy at the bottom of their sundae.... you'd think they never had ice cream!!

Tomorrow, the beach, take 2!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hello from DE!

We made it! We're in Delaware visiting my parents!

Yesterday was full of plane rides, 2 to be exact. Other than a small delay at the beginning the two flights were on-time, and the boys were pretty good. They LOVED watching other planes take-off, and they really liked our take-offs. Waiting to get off the plane....not so enjoyable! But since we were sitting at the back of the plane, we could watch the baggage get unloaded, and the plane get gas...pretty cool! Oh, and on the first trip, the very nice flight attendant arranged for us to visit the cockpit before we got off the plane. What a hit!

Once our second flight landed, it was off to car rental, and the drive-thru dinner on our drive to see Mam-gu and Pa-Hugh! The boys were super excited to get here, and didn't want to go to bed.....even tho it was about 10 pm eastern. I.e. WAY past bed-time. But eventually tiredness won out and sleep they did.

Today included, a walk around the block with Pa-Hugh, a random conversation with an old neighbor, birthday presents for Trevor and I, and a great BBQ with friends. At my request (thanks for accommodating me guys!), my group of friends out here (the Jesters) put together a casual BBQ get together. A large percentage of the group were there including 6 of the 7 kids of the group. They all played together really well, and the rest of us had lots to eat....great pie Tony!!! It was just a nice casual chance to hang-out with some good friends who I've known since college, but don't see very often at all! Thanks guys!!!

Tonight was birthday celebration number 2. Mam-gu made us (T & I) a cake, and we even got to sing and blow out candles. Cake and ice cream are always yummy.....I think Trevor is liking this multiple birthday celebrations too! (Oh, and he loves random birthday gifts-THANKS BETHER!!)'s off to the BEACH!!!!

Oh, and pictures come later, as I didn't pack the cord to upload them...oops!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Trevor!!

My little man is 4!!! I can hardly believe it. Yes, cliched words, but strangely true. I'm not sure where the time has gone, and I can't believe how grown up he is at times. We had a fabulously busy day:

Opening presents before breakfast (just some small teaser gifts)!

Going to the beach (a man-made lake...but it will have to do out here in the midwest!)

Finally, getting the big present from daddy's car!

Getting more presents from Kate and Grandma!

Candles and cupcakes

Silly faces!!

My baby four years ago:

Happy Birthday to my little man!