Thursday, October 15, 2009

Half a year!!!

She's half a year old. Wow! It's been an awesome 6 months, and I'm excited for the next 6. I can't imagine what she'll be doing by her 1st birthday. As it is, she's already hit some awesome milestones in half a year!

At the end of September, I went on a 4-day vacation. The result, Izzy can hold her own bottle. No work for Daddy! she likes to play with her(empty) pirate sippy cup. "Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of milk!"
She's been working on her sitting, when a toy is present. She can only stay about a minute on her own, but she's getting better and better at it. The biggest problem is she'd rather stand than sit, so she doesn't get much practice!
She's also become a punpkin' head in honor of the season, and made her first pilgrimage to the apple orchard!
About 5 days ago, we introduced Izzy to "real" food. She's been happy and growing well with just breast milk, but she's also shown a GREAT interest in table food. She practically pulled my dinner into her lap the other day!

So far she's had, cereal, bananas, and avocado... and she loves them all!She's figuring out how to get around, and therefore we've had to re-baby-proof the living room. The boys are learning how to share their toys with her, and learning what she can and can't have. "My First Tonka" by Izzy

Again, she's a punkin' head, and also apparently starting to model for the camera!
"Wickedly Adorable"

As I mentioned, she's figuring how to get around. No, not crawling, but what we have now dubbed the "scoot and roll". She rolls over and over, and also will scoot on her back, by arching up. The movie below will demonstrate it much better than I can describe it in words. But this picture, this is for my Mother. Who I'm sure can find an identical picture of me (possibly sans diaper) from 33 1/2 years ago. Right, Mother?
Izzy's scoot and roll video...

So, she's come a long way in 6 months. And while I'm sad the time seems to be going SO fast, she's at a super fun age and stage right now and it's so fun to see her personality starting to show!


Angela said...

She is SOOO cute and OMG my only thought when watching that video was, "She's doing upside down frog hops!!!"

Linda N. said...

If she keeps that up, she won't have any hair left on the back of her head! :)