Friday, May 28, 2010

The last day of school

Yesterday was the last day of school....technically. But really, I'm not sure how it counted. They were there for an hour, and they were outside the whole time. I'm not sure why they bothered!!!

In fact, it was really bizarre in my opinion. Wednesday was supposed to be the last day, but we did have one snow day back in February. So they extended the year, by one hour??? On top of that, they sent home a note on Monday that the one hour of school would start at 8:30. The regular school day starts at 8:40. So the kids all had to be at the bus stop 10 minutes early. WHY???? Really, why couldn't they do their 1 hour from 8:40 to 9:40?? Why mess up the teachers, bus drivers, parents, kids, and who knows who else, for 10 minutes!!! I thought it might have something to do with the middle- and high-school kids since they use the same buses and drivers. But nope, they didn't even have school (even though I'm SURE they had the snow day just like the elementary!!!) So bizarre!

Anyway.... Trevor had a great time in Kindergarten. He came home with his final report card on Tuesday. It was full of "S" grades, for Satisfactory, in everything, which is the highest grade you can get in Kindergarten. He's learned to read, doing 1st grade math, writing sentences, and lots of other things.

He even managed to master tying his shoes in the last two weeks!! I had no idea that was something they were graded on and required to learn, and he hasn't had shoes with laces up til now. We got some a few weeks ago, and he mastered tying a bow in about 3 days!!! I was thrilled (and a little surprised), and have now decided to wait until the last minute to teach him things cause it was SOOOO much easier!!!

Trev and our neighbor at the bus stop. Trev's gonna be the only out there next year....=(

Mr T excited to go to school one last time!

During the last few weeks of school they've been studying the solar system. This was easily a HIGHLIGHT of the year for Trev, and he kept telling me lots of facts (and 'correcting' his teacher on things she didn't know!!). He came home last Friday in his Space Gear...his helmet, hand-painted t-shirt (I got to go in and help with this one!), and his Jr Astronaut badge!
And now he's a first grader!!! WOW!!

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Jen said...

High school typically gets out a day earlier since the teachers have to grade these monstrosities called finals up until the last minute and graduation was probably this past Sunday. They were probably supposed to be done on Tuesday to start with. Middle school was probably due to scheduling and what exactly to do with kids that typically spend an hour a day in different classrooms etc. (all the schools are supposed to be done on the same day so it's a matter of getting that to work)