Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Isabelle - 14 months!

It's been a while, so if nothing else, I should at least do an Izzy update.

At 14 months she:

  • can crawl up the stairs, and back down, as long as you turn her around and make her start going down. Otherwise, she'll just stand at the top and scream until you pick her up!!

  • will answer a yes/no question such as "do you want lunch". if she doesn't, she'll shake her head no, if she does, she'll run to the fridge! Once in her high chair, yes answers are given by convulsive shaking of the entire body and crazy leg kicks until she gets what you offered, such as a nutrigrain bar!! If she doesn't want it, she'll shake that head no until it almost falls off!!

  • has started returning the love to her brothers! They will group hug/tackle her and now she fights to get loose, and then 'hugs' them back, which really means she pushes them down and falls on top of them!!! It's too cute and too funny!

  • has 3 front teeth, the 4th one coming in, and has 2 molars halfway in!! She does NOT like eating while the teeth are pushing thru, but she makes up for it as soon as they are in!!

  • feels that a 5-minute "power nap" is plenty during the day and if she gets one, good luck getting her to nap again for at least 2 hours!! But she does sleep 12 solid hours at night, so I'm trying to be thankful for what I do have!

  • can say "Dada" "Baby" and "Mama".

  • has a favorite TV show "Eebee" and if you say it to her, she'll walk over to the TV and watch it. She dances along with the songs and is way too cute!

  • waves goodbye and/or goodnight when prompted.

  • FINALLY has enough hair for two pigtails! TOO CUTE!

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