Friday, August 13, 2010

Bucket List

When summer vacation started on May 27th, I didn't ask Trev what he wanted to do this summer. In retrospect, I should have. I didn't ask Blake either, but that is probably for the best!!

Regardless, I tried to plan a fun summer that all three kids would enjoy and that would take advantage of all the free time we would have. After all, this fall brings full-time school and that restricts the activities that we can participate in (or at least, when we can participate in them).

As I look back, here's a few of the things we can check of this summer's bucket list:
  • participate in soccer league (Trev)
  • attend graduation party
  • attend mommy's volleyball games (and stay up and out past bedtime!)
  • go to lots of friend's birthday parties and celebrate two of our own
  • go to new village park grand opening, play in soccer tournament, win our first game, play in the rain, and jump in huge mud puddles
  • learn all about reptiles at the library
  • go to lots of new parks and a bunch of old favorites
  • go to a MLB baseball game (not the Cubs!-at the kids request)
  • visit Grandpa
  • learn how to make cool scientific reactions using basic household materials (vinegar, baking soda, m&m's and more) (more fun at the library)
  • go camping and get REALLY dirty
  • go strawberry picking
  • make LOTS of strawberry and raspberry jam
  • go to summer camp
  • learn to swim (Trevor!!!!)
  • practice reading
  • spend the night at Grandma's
  • go to the zoo
  • watch at least two sets of fireworks, and set off some of our own
  • participate in t-ball league (T & B)
  • learn about dinosaurs at the library (and show off our knowledge - good job Blake!)
  • attend Zoo camp and be a "Junior Zookeeper" for the day
  • go to the pediatrician and not get shots (Trevor! Izzy still had to get shots!)
  • survive a week with Mommy gone on vacation (they survived, but there are scars!)
  • go to the movies
  • go to Great America
  • go to the farmer's market
  • go to the 'skyscrapers' (what the boys call going downtown) to various museums
  • go fishing with Grandpa
  • make home-made ice cream
Whew!! Part of me wants to find pictures for lots of those items to put up here, but if I do that this post will never go up. So for the moment, I'm posting this sans pictures. Maybe once school starts again I will get better about blogging more regularly. But I'm not promising!!

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