Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Izzy is 17 months!

Seriously! She's almost 1 and 1/2!!! Wow!

No, she can't ride the tricycle yet, but don't tell HER that!

Words she can say:
dada (at least sometimes, many times she calls him mama too!)
up-y (as in, "pick me up-y")
thank you (more like tank-u)
beep (as in, push on my nose and say "beep")
brother (sounds like "bubba" or "bruba")
dino (and usually, this is followed by "raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa")

She understands all kinds of things beyond what she can say, including "put your cup in the sink" (which she does!), "sit down"(which she doesn't do!), "time for diaper/jammies" (and when she hears this she heads for the stairs), and "shoes" and then she'll got get hers so we can go outside.

She's the queen of dirty looks! Dare you say hello to her, she'll grace you with one, and even once she knows you and is comfortable around you, you'll get a variety of looks somewhere between shy, cute, coy, and mean! It's too cute most of the time! However, she LOVES the camera, so it's actualy quite hard to get a picture of the diry looks.... this is close to one of them!

She loves to climb, and isn't particular about what she's climbing. The couch, the table (I found her standing in the middle of the kitchen table once!), the toys, the slide. She climbs anything she can! She also loves playing with anything that belongs to her brothers. She's gotten very attached to toy dinos, has learned to say the word, and loves to watch "Dinosaur Train" on TV with them!!
She loves playing with her brothers. She and Trev seem to have a special bond, but with him gone all day at school, she's been hanging with Blake a lot more and having a great time!

Ah yes, she's definitely growing up!

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