Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bunk Beds

Allright....I'm joining the 21st century, and I'm gonna try this 'blog' thing!! Since having kids I've lost some of my techy geekiness, and I'm just out of touch with some of this goes!

Tonight's fun was....building a bunk bed!!! With 2 helpers under age 4 (yeah, really helpful!). The boxes of parts and mattresses were delivered this morning, and Trevor and Blake were just antsy all day for Daddy to get home so we could build them. Dinner is finished, and the building begins....
Everything was already in Trevor's room, and the building started! At first both boys were trying to help with nuts and bolts and screws, and getting pieces of wood (not always the right ones, but it's the thought that counts right!?). Then Grandma stopped by and after seeing the beds (tour courtesy of Trevor), she took the boys downstairs to play while Steve & I finished building. Thanks Grandma!!!

The boys couldn't contain their excietment for long and soon were hanging out in the hallway with all their new sheets and blankets.....just waiting for a bed!!

We weren't sure where Blake was planning to sleep (the new bottom bunk or his old room) but he suddenly showed up with his pillow and Elmo, so we were pretty sure he'd decided the bunk's were a good thing!!

Finally, the building was done, the beds made, and everything squished into place in Trevor's not-so-big room.

And now the games begin:
Trevor: "I'm up here. Who's down there? Is that you Blake? It's me up here, Trevor."
Blake: "I down here. I come up there?"

And they continue to go up and down, down and up, having a grand old time..... Why did I want to put them in bunk beds in the same room????

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Gregory said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, Tegan.