Monday, March 31, 2008

The Gym

Happiness for two little boys is 2 hours at the gym! They have such a blast, burn off so much energy, and do some pretty great tricks too!

So we hit this gym this morning, after dropping off the car at the local dealership. It's funny to write that, as it sounds "SO" easy. The reality of dropping the car off is this..... convince 2 kids to get in car (in raincoats and boots as it is POURING today), get to dealership, unbuckle kids, walk thru puddles (or jump in them), talk to service guy, sign paperwork, wait for loaner van to be ready.....wait a little more. Then, put 2 kids in loaner car, and then proceed to kill myself getting 2 car seats out of our car and into loaner car in the rain (did I mention it was pouring!?!). Anyway, the kids had a grand time running in circles in the back area of the van (where the 3rd seat should be) and I contorted myself to get 2 seats out of one car and installed in the other. Of course, the best part...I get to reverse the process tomorrow when I get our car back! But there's no other way to get the car just can't be done! It's taken 6 months avoiding what I did today, for me to realize I just have to do it this way....I apparently can't spend 1 day at home without a car!

So we finally hit the gym and the kids had some energy to burn off....and so they did!!! Here's some photos to prove it!

Trevor running down the track to the pit:
Blake in the pit:
Trevor in flight into the pit:
Trevor climbing the cargo net out of the pit:
And falling back down into the pit (his favorite part!):
Blake just having fun:Blake on the trampoline:

Blake and Trevor in the pit:Blake pushing Trevor in a 'wheel':

It was a great time!!


Gregory said...

Their gym looks way cooler than my gym. I want to start going there.

Jen said...

ok hick.. i'm waiting for the next update.. :) that gym looks awesome. we have a few of those over here but ben needs to get a bit more stable on his feet before we hit them.

as an fyi.. blogger limits the number of photos you can post overall.. basically they start making the photos smaller at some point and then they start reducing the resolution.. it's a royal pain if you plan to post tons of pics like i do.

i've gotten around this by uploading my picks to Flickr and then pulling the URL for the full sized pic and entering that into the dialog box when you click the "add photo" button when you're writing your blog. that way the pics fill the width of your blog text and you're never limited by space. The only issue is if you move or rename things on Flickr.. like I did.. breaking half of my picture links.. *scream*

do blake and trevor like thomas the train? ben is an addict.