Monday, February 23, 2009

And I worried he was shy....

Today was Trevor's kindergarten screening. Basically, it's kindergarten registration, with a few basic skills tasks for the kids to do, so the teachers have some clue of what they will be dealing with come next fall. I mentioned to Trevor that we would be going and doing this, but didn't make too big of a deal of it, so that he wouldn't either. This morning I reminded him that it was today, and I got the response I expected.... "I'm not gonna do it", "I don't wanna", "I'm just gonna lie on the floor and act like a pancake".

None the less, it went fabulously, and he was a star. We walked in, and he said hi to the ladies. One of them asked to help him take off his coat, to which he polietly replied, "I can do it myself" and did. He then cooperated with her as she asked him to put on a name tag and took his photo. I had paperwork to give them, and more to complete, and he went off with one of the K teachers to start his tasks.

It was a large room, and they had it set up so that there were seperate little cubicles where the teachers worked with the kids. The parents were technically in the same room, but we couldn't see them, the kids couldn't see us, and we could only hear snippets of the conversation. Needless to say, I heard enough!

Trev was showing off his skills (i.e. being crazy) just walking back to the first cubicle. He wouldn't walk properly, but had to show her how he could walk on the sides of his feet instead! Whatever!! I didn't hear much of what happened in that cube, but then he moved on to the next area. The teacher (one of the 2 actual K teachers from the school) came out of the cube and we chatted for a moment. Apparently, T had told her all about his sister, but failed to mention Blake!! He also told her that he doesn't like the name we have planned for the baby, and listed out his preferences instead!!!

In the second cubicle, I could hear him counting (at times) and he got to at least 23 (although I'm sure he missed 13 and 20- he always does). But I heard the teacher sounding relatively impressed! He also had to do some building and sorting of blocks which he later told me was "pretty easy". I also overheard him telling her, how Grandma was about to go visit Jackpot in Vegas and help him move to his new house. Apparently, there are no secrets here!!!

Then he went back to the 3rd cubicle. I think this was the school's speech therapist doing her evaluation. I'll definetly be curious to see what she has to say. I didn't hear much of this conversation either, but I heard her trying to get him to say "spoon" more clearly - he usually says "foon", and other tough words. Of course, he had to give her some personal information (wouldn't want her to feel left out). I heard him telling her about playing the Wii with Daddy, and how they play Star Wars, and that he likes to kill Daddy a lot when they play!! Great... now what do they think of my parenting skills!!! Oh well...

The whole thing took maybe 20 minutes. He came flying through it from my perspective. I was worried that he might not be willing to go back with them, or that he wouldn't do some of the tasks, but apparently... not my kid!! Not a shy bone in his body it would seem! They said I'd get some results/information mailed to me in the next few weeks, but at the moment, we're one step closer to Kindergarten this fall! Wow... I can't believe we've come that far already!!!

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