Saturday, February 7, 2009

Things that Made me Smile today

Following the rant, it seems good and nice and 'cleansing' to do a post like this. But honstely, it's not as if I planned it. I just found myself smiling a lot today at simple little things in life.

It started because today is 52 degrees in Chicago during the first weekend in February!!! After all the below 0 and below 10 degree days we've had, this was a nice change! And it was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day!!! That definetly put a smile on my face....

Buying an entire bag full of clothes (mostly for the little girl) for $10, and then getting lots of others for $30. A local resale store had a great bag sale on lots of their inventory and I had TONS of fun shopping for girly stuff... and bought WAY more pink than I would have expected!

My son in his new hat. He LOVES Marty (the zebra) in Madagascar, so when I saw this at the resale store I had to have it! I'm only sad cause it's SO tiny (the label says 5T.... I guess he's got a big head!)

Daddy playing games with his boys. Just nice to see the three of them lying on the floor playing a game together (Hi Ho Cherry-O) as it doesn't happen often! (Sorry, B had to be censored. He had potty issues today and couldn't have undies. It didn't make me smile, so enough about that!)

And now I'm going out for dinner and a movie with the girls to celebrate a friends birthday!! It's been a good Saturday. Hope you had a reason to smile today!

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Elizabeth said...

Haha, the pink is going to take over, slowly but surely...