Thursday, January 7, 2010

He's definetly my child!

I am a person who notices 'strange' relationships between things. My brain picks up on certain odd little facts about things and puts them together.

For example, my cousins initials could have been BMW. Wouldn't that be cool? In fact for the LONGEST time, I was obsessed with the initials my (then) future children would have and wanted them to spell a word (for example, INK, OAK, SIK, etc). Eventually I put that idea to rest, but I still kinda wish I had done it!

Another odd relationship I noticed, in my group of 6 mommy friends that regularly hang out, 3 of us are about to turn 35, and the other 3 about to turn 30. The 3 that are turning 35 all have 3 children. The 3 about to turn 30, all have 2. Odd huh??? And these random thoughts just hit me, when I'm driving, or trying to fall asleep, or trying to listen to the traffic on the radio.

Today, Trevor, Izzy and I, were driving to pick Blake up from preschool. Trevor was commenting about something he saw out the window, and commented to me about it being "out there, that way". I reminded him that "that way" doesn't tell me which side I should look out, and I asked if it was on his side or Blake's side. He responded, "my side, the right".

A few moments pass, maybe 5 seconds, and suddenly he says to me, "Mommy, I'm on the right and my name has an R second, and Blake is on the left and his name has an L second."

I about drove off the road, because that fact had NEVER occurred to me, and yet it was a TOTAL me type thought! It was bizarre that he made the connection, and just completely made me think of how like me he really can be at times! What a proud mommy kids an oddball just like his mama!

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Angela said...

I think there's 4 of us turning 35 with 3 kids this, me, L, and Ana. Interesting though...LOL!