Friday, April 4, 2008

Carpet is here!!!

I can't believe it, I have a finished (okay, nearly) basement!! I just realized the other day, this is a first in life for me! The carpet was installed today and that is the last big hurdle. After this, it's all little stuff that Steve & I will do (as usual!).

So here are the before, during and after photos:


The fooz-ball table is the only thing that can't be doesn't fit thru doorways!

The work room becomes a storage area for all the stuff so we can have the carpet installed.

The boys LOVED this part! They were intent on sitting on the stairs watching every little move the installers made. They wanted to see every tool they had, watch everything they did, ask WHY all the time. Thank goodness the installers were pretty patient and didn't mind having an audience. For a while they even made some jokes with the boys!!

Watching the roll of carpet get carried down the stairs:

Peering around the wall and watching. Mommy wouldn't let me get any closer (I was getting in the way she said!).

Watching her finish off carpeting the stairs. If Trevor could sit on her shoulder I think he would have!

Trevor has his own photos, of the event. He was less concerned with the installation, and more concerned with the installers. He has many photos of both of them, candid of course!! I'll have to get my hands on them and post them soon!

After: As soon as the installers were done and gone the boys were ready. They were running circles around the open empty basement. It's a place they haven't been allowed to play often as it was always dusty, dirty, and full of saws and other sharp tools! In addition to a new place to run, Trevor has been anticipating the carpeting of the basement so he could get out his new race car track (a Christmas present that's been waiting 3 months). He brought me the box, and we had to set it up right away. Once it was set up, that's the ONLY toy the boys played with from 4:30 to 8:30 at night ("Do we have to stop for dinner? Aww, MOM!").

The new carpet (oh, and new race track!):

Helping Mommy clean the carpet:

As for Steve and I, now it's on to trim, molding, chair rail, pool table, bar, furniture, and decor (Steve's favorite part-actually this time I'm not lying!). Stay tuned for more updates as progress is made!!!

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