Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good bye Erin!

Last week, we were invited to a playdate at a friends house, Erin, to say goodbye to her and the boys, before they moved to Michigan. Well, we crashed it and turned it into a baby shower without her knowing!!! Ha ha! I think we surprised her good!!! I even got Steve to make her a birthday cake, (she'd jokingly asked for one before so here was my chance!!).

We all had a great time hanging out, opening gifts, eating cake and other goodies, and the kids loved playing together.

Steve's cake (modeled after a cell phone text message!)

Erin and some of her goodies
Trev playing with a friend
Trevor holding Chocolate Baby (can you tell he wants to be a big brother again!).

Erin, you've been an awesome friend, a great supporter, and I'll miss you lots. The boys are gonna miss your boys too, and I can't wait to come visit and meet that little girl!!! Take care mama.... I'll be texting you!!

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