Thursday, August 28, 2008

Go Obama!

RARELY, do I discuss politics. It's not that I don't follow them, but I don't always get my views verbalized well and therefore end up in arguements that are pointless.

But after reading a friend's blog, I have to agree with her words:

History in the making as "the first serious woman Presidential nominee asking the first woman Speaker of the House to unanimously nominate the first black man for President. This is like my World Series." How AWESOME!! THe video clip can be seen here. She's right....that's better than the World Series....but I'm still hoping to watch the Cubs in that this fall!!

Oh, and how cool, I live in IL where Obama is from, and he picked Biden from DE, where I grew up, as his running mate. I think Biden was the ONLY senator we ever had in my entire life!!

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Greg said...

I'm pretty sure we've had two Senators from DE throughout your life, it's sort of a rule in that old document the Constitution. For most of your growing up it was Bill Roth, namesake of the Roth IRA.