Friday, May 15, 2009

Iz you is or is you ain't my baby?

Seriously, she's a month old already!?!??! Where has the time gone!

We've learned alot about Miss Iz in the last month...
  • She's a decent sleeper - she'll go for one 5 hour stretch at night, and then it's back to every 3 hours she wants to eat.
  • She likes to eat and eat and eat, from about 6 pm until 10 pm so that she can sleep for that 5 hour strech without waking up! So my evenings are spent on the couch, trying to blog/surf with only 1 hand!!
  • If she falls asleep while you're holding her, good luck putting her down - she'll wake right up! Good luck getting her to fall asleep if you're not holding her! So, that means I do a lot of holding of a sleeping baby!!
  • Trevor adores his baby sister, and tries to hold and hug and kiss her CONSTANTLY. So, if she's sleeping in her bouncy seat, he'll go up to her and love her, and promptly wake her! Which then results in me holding her to get her back to sleep!!!
  • Blake is really starting to love her, and might be loving on her like Trevor does soon. At the moment, he likes to watch her while someone is holding her so he doesn't usually wake her up!! Yay!
  • Daddy's singing is one of the few things that will calm her down!! However, it makes the rest of us crazy, so we're never all happy at the same time!!
  • Like the boys, she's a social child. She's usually sleeping or content any time we're out in public (such as the coffee shop), even if she should be starving (and therefore cranky/crying). But at home, sometimes she's cranky even if she's just eaten!!!
  • She can't stand being in a soaking or dirty diaper for more than about 5 minutes (once it's REALLY dirty), and she'll let you know it and keeps letting you know until you fix it. Therefore, once again, we are using 'sposies overnight (I know, I NEED to try making some fleece liners for the diapers so she can't feel the wetness so much!). While this is somewhat annoying right now, I'm trying to keep perspective that it WILL (positive thinking) make potty training MUCH easier!
  • At a month old, she's still comfortably fitting into "Newborn" size clothes. In fact the pants, would fall right off her if she wasn't wearing a big ol' cloth diaper! No idea when she'll "pack on the pounds" and start fitting into her 0-3 month clothes. The irony here to me, is that she was the same birth weight as Trevor (well, 1 ounce more in fact!), and by 2 months old he weighed 11 pounds and was wearing his 3-6 month clothes. And yet, he has ALWAYS been in the bottom 5% for weight. I really don't see her gaining 3 pounds (and a few ounces) in the next month.... so where will she be on the charts?? Looking at the CDC growth chart, she should be 11 pounds at 3 months (and just over 8 pounds today) to stay on her current curve, so we'll see!!
  • As we discussed names for Miss Isabelle, something in hubby's strange little mind kicked in, and he started singing this song. And now, he sings it ALL the time to Miss Iz!!
  • Finding that song on YouTube, led the kids to come see why my laptop was singing, and then they saw the link to this related song, which they now DEMAND to have my play every time I open the laptop!
So, I think that covers the one-month status update on Miss Isabelle. Now I'll just double-check this document and hand it in to my 'supervisor', so he can see what I've been doing for the last month!!! (Ooops, I wrote "status update" in the previous sentence and it made me think of my "real" office job from years ago, and how many monthly status updates I had to type and submit! Sorry)


Angela said...

As much as I love my cloth, I started using sposies at night too once Noah started sleeping for more than a 4hr stretch. That way when he did wake up for a middle of the night feeding (~3am) I didn't need to change his diaper unless he had pooped. I just plopped him back in fed and he was back off to dreamland.

Great update!

Elizabeth said...

Great update! Cool song, and love the play on the title of it, hehe. Can't believe she is a month already. You know she is doing that "need-to-be-held-to-sleep" thing for you on purpose since she is your last she wants to make sure you get your fill of holding a little baby. Glad she is getting use out of the clothes!! I have some more for you if you want. Cutie little miss Iz!

Klarysa said...

My good friend from college owns a cloth diaper store in Boston. If you or anyone you know needs a good resource about cloth diapering, she's a wealth of info and probably has contacts in Chicagoland. She got a couple mentions in the Boston Globe and Boston Herald...cloth diapering taking the world by storm! :)