Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baby Houdini

Thursday, Izzy had her 2 week check-up with the pediatrician. I'm glad to know that she's almost back to her birth weight... she is now 6 pounds 13 ounces. Everything else checks out just fine. She's still got some jaundice, nothing major, that a little sunshine can't fix. If only we could get some sunshine round these parts (we got her in the sun today!).

Her measurements put her in the 75th percentile for length, and 25th percentile for weight.

Grandma has come by to visit quite a bit, and usually finds Izzy sleeping. But at least once, Izzy has shown her that, at least for the moment, Mommy trumps Grandma! But based on how things are with Grandma and the boys these days, that might not last too long!!!

In the 2 weeks we've been home, we've learned a bit about little Miss Iz. She's like her mama, she's always cold...and doesn't like it! So, once we figured that out, and added an extra blanket to her "burrito wrap" at night, she sleeps much better!! She'll go 4-5 hours when she first goes down without waking up. She's also started "cluster feeding" in the evenings, so I'm hoping that will help her sleep longer at night without waking up.

Izzy is getting a few nicknames here and there. Miss Eyeballs (anytime she has her eyes open!), Miss Marvelous (thanks to an adorable onesie), Miss Iz, and some others. One particular nickname deserves some explaining -"Houdini" as she is now known, can escape from the best of "burrito" wraps! She loves to have those arms free and waving around! Blake gets VERY upset at you if you call her anything besides Izzy or Isabelle. Trevor thinks all these nicknames are hilarious and calls her various things all the time. However, he doen't want her called Izzy at the moment. Why? Becuase right after she was born a new kid started at school, and his (yes, his) nickname is Izzy, short for Isiah. Oh the confusion!

Finally, she lost the remnants of the umbilical cord at about 10 days old, so the other night she got her first bath! Of course, both boys needed front-row seats to this event, and were very ready to help..... if only Mommy would let them! Izzy didn't mind her bath too much... she didn't like the moments of being naked before we got her in the warm water. Once she was in the water, she was okay with the whole process and we sudsed her up good and rinsed her off. We got her wrapped up in her new cute towel (thanks Erin & Sabrina!) and she seemed happy to be dry... at least until she peed everywhere! Then she was mad that she was wet again!!!

And in the last few days, we've even gotten some play time in.

And yes, Trevor is still in LOVE with his little sister. Blake is coming around, he likes her more and more, watches her more, but doesn't want to hold her yet!

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Angela said...

2 words for you - Miracle.Blanket. There ain't no way she'll get her arms out of that. I gave mine to Elizabeth, but if she's not swaddling Lara I'm sure she'd be willing to part with it.