Monday, June 29, 2009

Boys, boys, boys

I feel like I've been giving the boys the short end of the stick on the blog. Everytime I manage to find time to blog, it's an Izzy update. So let's see.... what have the boys and I been up to...

We have a membership to the Milwaukee County Zoo. So we've been there a few times already. It's about an hour (at most) from home, and rarely do we have issues with rush hour traffic, so much easier that Chicagoland zoos! The boys love seeing all the different animals, and can't decide what their favorite is!

Two monkeys riding the train

Trev by the dinosaur hedge. Blake loved this, but WOULD NOT pose for a picture!
Watching the polar bears swim
Being checked out by the mountain goats.

Blake's favorite: the rhino. Who was very entertaining drinking, gargling his water, then peeing. The kids thought that was great. If you've ever seen a rhino pee, you'll understand why! You'll also understand why I didn't capture that on film!!Feeding time for the giraffes. This was a really neat thing to happen to see. For a fee, a few select people can feed them. It was pretty cool just to watch. And they have really LONG black tounges.

We also have passes to Six Flags Great America. Yes, I got passes this year. While its a bunch of money, I figure between this and the zoo membership, we can stay busy and spend very little money on a daily basis! So far, it's working well and the boys are having lots of fun!!

Izzy hanging out in her stroller, enjoying herself
The boys enjoying their treat: cotton candy!

The boys on the spinning tea cups... fun times!

Aside from that, we've been going to a lot of parks, the spray park, and hanging out with friends.

So that's about it for now. We're just enjoying summer!!


Angela said...

OMG....I LOVE it! Trevor wearing goggles at the spray park...hahahaha! ROFLMAO!

misstj said...

without the goggles he won't go thru the sprayers. without the buckets they won't even go in the water! it is TOO funny!