Saturday, June 13, 2009


Wow...long time no blog. Oopsies!!

2 weeks into June and we've had very few fabulous least weather wise. We've had quite a few cool days, quite a few rainy days, and a few nice sunny warm days. We've tried to get out when we can and enjoy those days. Some park trips, some picnics, a trip downtown, and a trip to Great America come to mind.

Having fun on a warm day with a bucket of water and squirt guns!

Trevor's been playing tball, or at least trying to....2 games have been rained out. But he's having fun. Yet again, there are two Trevor's on the team....seriously, is the name that popular? There are 7 other teams, could you split up the kids with the same name please!?!??! He's one of the oldest as the league is for 3 and 4 year olds, so he gets the ball a lot, and plays first base a lot (the position with the most 'action'). He wants to play again next year, so maybe we've found something he really likes!

Playing first base

Izzy and I enjoying the game!
We went to a friends wedding a few weeks ago. The boys stayed home with Grandma and Izzy went with us. At the moment, I have only 1 picture, as I'm waiting for a friend to send us the rest of hers (hubby used her camera all night, instead of ours!).

She slept thru the whole ceremony!

Izzy's doing great, rash is gone, and she's growing like a weed. But more about her in a seperate post on Monday, when she turns (gasp) 2 months old!!!

The boys start summer camp Monday, so we'll have lots of highlights from that I'm sure!!

Blake seems to finally be 'fully' potty trained!!!! June has been a completely dry month! Woo Hoo!!

Other than that, there isn't much news to blog about. And it seems Izzy is starving, so I'm off to feed her!!

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