Monday, June 15, 2009

Izzy....2 months

Wow, she's two months old already! Where does the time go!! (I know, what a cliche!).

Things she likes:
  • Lying on her changing table in her closet
  • Listening to the hair dryer
    (Those two things will calm her when she's upset, quite quickly and easily....I guess she's a girly girl after all!)
  • Swinging in her 'new' swing.... thanks for letting me borrow it Jayden!
  • Watching her brothers do silly things to make her laugh!
Apparently, Izzy had TOO much pink in her wardrobe as 'Aunt' Kate had to add these. Not that I object... I love all the clothes Kate has added to the kids wardrobes over the years! I think the 3rd one is my favorite!!

The rash has gone completely. I've had minimal amounts of dairy (a little sour cream on a taco, a little bit of chocolate, or a little bit of Parmesan on pasta) and that seems to be okay. But at the moment, I'm keeping it to a minimum. I'll see what the doctor says at her appointment on Thursday.

Don't ya LOVE the dimples!?!?!?!?

She's becoming much more predictable in her waking/sleeping/eating patterns, and her mood. She still wants to eat every 3 hours during the day. In fact she's like an alarm clock, she won't go much past that 3 hour mark, and she'll let you know she's STARVING!! In the evenings, she still wants to nurse a little more often (to "tank up") and then she'll sleep for about 5.5 hours straight. I'd love to get that longer, but we'll get there. But after that 5.5 hours, she doesn't always want to go back to sleep! It seems to help if it's already light outside, as then she can look around her room while in the crib, and is content to look and babble, until she falls asleep again! I never thought I'd like that her room faces East and gets VERY bright in the morning!

Working on holding her head up...
and posing for the camera!

When she's awake-for about 3 hours in the morning from 9-12, and from 7-10 at night, she's content to lie on her play mat, look around, coo, and watch bright lights or the crazy brothers. It's all good! At the point she starts to fuss, she's usually over stimulated, and wants to snooze in her bouncy or her swing! The swing is a life saver... not sure how I got thru life without one for Trevor! She adores it and will sit in it for hours, either awake or asleep. Eventually, it always puts her to sleep!

Trevor still loves to hold her, and has to at least once a day or he gets very upset. Blake finally decided he was ready to hold her and loved it! He doesn't need to do it as often as T, but he does like to hold, hug, and kiss her!

She's still able to squeeze into some Newborn size outfits, but only if she's wearing a disposable diaper. However, most of the 0-3 month sleepers are just miles too long for her!! Still, she's got a great wardrobe, and is always better dressed than her mother!
Thursday is Izzy's 2 month checkup. So we'll talk about the dairy issue, see how much she's grown (officially-the weight measurement on the side-bar are taken by holding her on the Wii!), and getting her first immunizations.

I think that covers the last month.... I can't believe how fast this is going. My last baby is growing up!!!


Elizabeth said...

LOVE the dimples, too cute! Do you still want me to toss some of L's outgrow cute outfits your way or are you good?

Greg said...

Haha, I love Aunt Kate's taste in Pirate apparel. Very nice.