Thursday, August 20, 2009

The First Day

We woke up this morning to rain "bucketing down". It was just pouring, and sideways at times. But all that rain, didn't dampen Trevor's spirits for his first day of Kindergarten. It just dampened our shoes as we walked out to wait for the bus!

He was ready with his shoes, coat (for the rain), and backpack 10 minutes before the bus would be here. And after waiting in the house for 5 minutes, he was ready to go outside to wait! Even tho that meant we would be getting soaked.

The bus stop is across the street (since it's just Trevor and our neighbor's son getting on), and the across-the-street neighbor's took pity on us and let us stand in their garage waiting for the bus. THANK YOU!!! Still we had pretty wet feet and legs, but still lots of excitement. Eventually the bus came around the corner, and I walked down the driveway with the three boys-two getting on the bus (T and our neighbor) and Blake who HAD to go with us to the bus stop even tho it was pouring rain!

T about jumped on the bus before she had the doors open, and barely had time to turn around and give me a kiss goodbye! He sat with the neighbor, and waved and waved to me as they drove down the road.

3 hours and 20 minutes later (not that I'm counting y'all!), he was back. And thankfully, the weather was much better!

He came off the bus, happy as a clam, and talking excitedly about his homework (how long will he be excited about it!!!). Blake and Daddy were home and waiting for him. I think Blake was really missing him,as he clung to his side for the next hour of the day!

I eventually got some details out of him about their day, but not much (typical Trevor). What he did tell me: they sang the "5 little ducks" song that they sang last year at preschool, they learned where the bathroom's are, he sits at a table near the teacher's desk with 2 girls and another boy but he doesn't know their names, they had a snack and then got to play with toys!

Later in the afternoon, he did his homework, with no help!

Friday was day two, and he was just as excited! The weather was MUCH better, so I got some good shots of waiting for the bus and getting on!

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Linda N. said...

Yay, for Trevor's first day of Kindergarten!