Friday, August 28, 2009

The Invasion (a month late)

About a month ago, in late July, my 2 cousins (on my birth father's side), their husbands, their 4 children (2 each), and my Aunt, came to visit. Yes, all 9 of them stayed here. That makes 14 people, 7 adults and 7 children age 5 and under. We had a great time!!!

Greeting the 2nd set of cousins as they arrived!
Trevor "bonding" with cousin Keith!

5 of the 7 watching TV. I think this was the calmest moment of the whole visit!
Of course having, 14 people in the house requires a lot of seating at meals!

We went downtown and visited the Field Museum. I think everyone had a great time!
Some of the kids were willing to sit with the pirate statue at the museum!

And all of them loved the Dinosaur exhibit

We played some games the last night, including "Left, Right, Center" which started with the kids playing, and ended up with all the adults playing, and Trevor! All the adults kept trying to "let" Trev win, but it's a hard game to rig! And he lost every time...but he still had tons of fun! The next week, we went out and bought our own set of the game and he still loves it, and still hasn't won!
Game night also include Twister (all the kids, big and small!)...

and Jenga!

Getting ready to take a group picture!

The group photo....turned out great!!
It was a great visit, and I can't wait for the next family reunion!

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