Saturday, August 15, 2009

Isabelle - Mile Marker 4

Izzy's accomplishments:

Rolls from back to front consistently, and then continues from her front to her back occasionally.

As much as she likes rolling, she much prefers her new skill: squealing! She loves to chat, and usually wants someone to look at while she's talking!

Is very good at holding her head up, likes to sit (with help) and LOVES to stand (with help). So she loves her Excersaucer to stand up in and look around at her brothers, and her Bumbo seat.

Likes to chew on her thumb, and accompanying many as she can fit in her mouth. But she prefers to chew on daddy's knuckles whenever they are available (she doesn't care for my fingers it seems!).
Met her great-grandfather "Jackpot" for the first time.

Gets bored of being in the same room after a while. She'll whine and cry inconsolably until you go to another room, and then she's happy as a clam!

She loves bathtime!

She's growing still, about 13 pounds I'd guess. Exact numbers to come on Wednesday at her 4-month check up. She's consistently sleeping 10-11 hours at night, and waking only once (at 3 am) to eat which is just fine with me. No table food until she's 6 months, but she does seem to be getting more tolerant of me having dairy (no visible rash 5 days after a dinner with cheese and sour cream in it!!).

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Angela said...

I'll say she likes to stand. Dang that girl is strong!