Friday, September 4, 2009


For his birthday, T got a new 18" bike. He's ridden it about 2 times. Since it has no training wheels, this is mostly my fault. He needs my help to learn to ride it. We've tried to practice, but with Izzy etc. it's been tough to find time.

Yesterday we got out to practice while Iz slept. T did great, when I finally convinced him to try. Convincing him was not one of my better parental wasn't pretty! But he got out there, and he did great! He balanced and rode up and down the street with me letting go periodically. Eventually he was going about 50 feet without me holding him. Now to grow his confidence. Of course, since I was holding him most of the time, there are no photos!!

Since T got a new bike, his old one became Blake's. B seems to have no issue with hand-me-downs. Things that were Trevor's are cool, no problem that they are old, used, etc. So now he has a bike. However, the issue still remains that B does not like to pedal. He doesn't use pedals on his tricycle or his big wheel...instead he pushes on the ground with his feet. So I hoped and wished that he would suddenly want to pedal and use a big boy bike.

After more of the wonderful convincing skills by Mommy (I'm good at convincing reasonable people, but try reasoning with 3 and 5 year olds....its tough!), he agreed to ride up and down the driveway once. He did it with lots of help....he's confused about which direction to push the pedals to go forwards. But eventually we got there. And today, up and down the driveway with almost no help!

B on his "new" bike...

B's motivation... Trevor yelling "Blake come knock me down like a bowling pin!"

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