Friday, September 4, 2009

Random Photos

It's been busy lately....a download of my camera, provides the best possible update.

Izzy in a box. She liked it, the boys liked it, I found another box for what I needed. The boys pushed her (gently) around as if she was driving a race car! She thought that was great!My little fashionista in her first pair of BabyLegs. I love them!!!
Hanging with Daddy and laughing at his jokes!
The shirt says "Mommy's Girl" in case you can't read it! And boy, is she ever!

"We love our sister Mommy! But why is she wearing a Cubs shirt?" The boys have recently decided to become Cardinals fans. Seriously??? How dare they....I'm kicking them out of the house now! Izzy's first train ride! We took a short jaunt to go to a new park, and to satisfy the boys' desire to ride the train! Everyone had a blast!

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