Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Isabelle

She's 1!! [Insert all typical cliches here about how fast time has passed and how much I can't believe it.]

Today she's 1, but Sunday we had her birthday party. Lots of fun!!!

Trev made her a birthday crown. It reads "Izzy is trneng [turning] 1!". How sweet he is!
For party favors, I covered chocolate bars with customized wrappers that I made on the computer!

And the back side was just as cuteHer birthday cake was Baby Blocks, that spelled her name (first on the front, last on the back!).

And Daddy added decorations to the other sides so they would look like the typical alphabet blocks that kids play with. Simple, but perfect, and matched the invitations and the rest of the decorations!
In the traditional way, she got her own piece of cake to 'destroy' and it was the first time she's had cake. At first glance, she seemed happy, maybe even excited.
But that was it for a while. She didn't really want to touch it or eat it or play with it or anything!

Eventually, with a little encouragement, and a plastic fork, she started to play with it....but that was about it!
At least everyone else enjoyed the cake!

Eventually, she got into it, ate some, and decorated herself with the rest!
She opened a few presents.

Including a beautiful quilt from Kate!!!

And her new milestones:
She likes blowing raspberries....
She loves her sippy cup
And she FINALLY has A TOOTH!!!

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Linda N. said...

I'm glad you had such a great birthday party for Izzy! Yay! I love her hairdo! And I also love how she's shirt-less for eating less outfit to have to wash. ;)