Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break: Day 6: Dentist, Park & Swimming

The morning of Day 6 started with a brief interruption of our fun festivities with a trip to the dentist.

When I scheduled this visit I was less than thrilled that it was during Spring Break, but it seems our dentist, and kids only dentist, has certain scheduling requirements. Children 5 and under can only come before Noon. Since T gets home at 11:45 am from kindergarten, that's not going to happen on a school day. When I pointed this out to the receptionist, she said "then have him skip a day of school". Oh yes, education isn't important. Dental hygiene is much more important!! I declined the miss school option, and scheduled for Spring Break. Ugh! But at least the appointment was early in the morning and wouldn't impact much of our day!

The visit when great, both boys got x-rays and have NO cavities! They were well behaved, and got clean bills of (dental) health! I really like how this practice caters just to children, has child size exam chairs, and lots of other kid friendly features. The kids are their usual bit skeptical to go at first (who wouldn't be-it is the dentist) but once we are there, they love it, go back for the cleaning on their own, and do a great job!

Ah, but when the visit was done, the fun had only just begun. I went to schedule their next visits, for this fall, when Trevor will be in full day school! Ahhh... Trevor can't go in the morning, Blake can't go in the afternoon, and NO exceptions will be made. And they take a one-hour lunch break, so no scheduling the last morning appointment and the first afternoon one!!! (But that was a good thought, thanks E!). So I'm destined to take two drives there, 30 minutes each way, with Izzy in tow both times (and this will be the case for the next 3 appointments-year and a half until B is 6). Or of course, I could take them to a practice close to home without being kid friendly. Ugh...the choices!!

Anyway....complaining over, back to Spring Break!!!

We joined friends at their house, and walked with them to a nearby park. It was hot out and the boys were wearing jeans. So they complained most of the time about being hot and no shade! Who knew that would be such a problem here on the first of April!!! After a long time at the park, and lunch with friends (thanks L!), we headed home.

We ended the day with more swimming lessons. T has become very comfortable in the water and really enjoys swimming lessons. I've been told that he can move up to the next level finally!!! Blake, well he has fun...but he's not super comfortable putting his head/face in the water yet, so back to the same level next time around! Still 1 out of 2 ain't bad!
Practicing kicking....which means we get to splash the teacher!!

B jumping in...

And swimming for a toy (with the teacher holding him of course)
T jumping in! (he tries to go as high and far as possible!)And swimming for a toy, without being held (but with a floaty on!)


Angela said...

What about the other kid-friendly dental place? You know the one me, Lisa, and Nancy take our kids to.

Our kids usually see Dr. Maddox, but the new young dentist, Dr. Wagner is just as nice IMO.

misstj said...

Thanks Ang! I knew there would be options!