Friday, March 13, 2009

Baby Update

Well, I saw the midwife today. Gawd, I love her. The last few visits I've seen the OB (male) and he's not bad.... but he's not her!!!

She came in, and hugged me, like a long lost friend and told me she'd missed me, and that I should make all my appointments with her, not him! Then she proceeded to tell me how great I looked (not too small! yay) and told me that all my numbers look great. I've gained 25 pounds, my blood pressure is great (124/68) and I'm measuring right on 34 weeks! Yay!! She gave me all the registration paperwork for the hospital, commiserated on my tailbone pain and heartburn, and generally made me feel all warm and fuzzy!

So everything is going well. My tailbone still hurts like a son of a b!tch... but there's not much to be done about that. Baby girl is just sitting SO low. So between that and my sore hips, I'm seeing the chiropractor twice a week and that helps me feel better in general, but doesn't get rid of the pain altogether. Oh well, he's a great guy and I do feel better after seeing him, so I'll keep going. I'm queen of heartburn this time around... more so that I remember with either of the boys. I've been taking the 24-hour pill, Prilosec, which definetly helps and I have few issues with the hb now. So, we'll keep taking that until she arrives.

On the note of arrival, I'm counting down the days until I'm full term (3 weeks from Sunday!), and frankly after that, she's welcome to arrive anytime. Officially, there's 6 weeks and 2 days left to the pregnancy, but I'm hoping for a little less.

Meanwhile, I've got the nursery just about ready. No major work was required, but lots of little things. I sorted through all the boys old clothes (newborn-2T) and saved what was neutral enough, gave some to friends with baby boys, took some to the resale store, and put the rest in the basement "garage sale" pile. So, a billion boxes of clothes are out of the room, and it looks much better! Of course, I've been buying lots of pink (and other colors) for the little girl as I find them on sale/clearance, so there's a good stack of 3 boxes of clothes in various sizes for her now!! I also got rid of Trevor's old toddler bed (listed it on freecycle and it was gone in 24 hours!), so the room feels much bigger. Now I just have to set up the bassinet, get hubby to finish the closet rods (that I've been waiting for for 3 years!), and I think we'll be done!

Of course, there's still painting to be done... Yes that's right, painting. 5 years ago, while I was pregnant with T, hubby started painting a mural in the nursery. The mural is all the Alice in Wonderland characters. Well, it was probably about 50% done when T was born. By the time B inhabited the room it was probably 75% done. It's now about 95% done... there's just a small part to be finished on one character. Since the day I found out I was pregnant this time around I've told hubby that he HAS to have that mural finished by the end of March. I wonder if he will?!?!?!? I'm trying not to be a nag, but I really would like it finished (if for no other reason, that to get all the painting supplies out of her closet!!!!!).

So that's the udpate with baby girl. Her first name is all picked out, but we're still struggling with a middle name. Her first name has been picked out since I was pregnant with Trevor (or before). The original middle name I had picked now seems to common. Why? Because her brother's have middle names like Phineas and Huntington. So... I'm looking for some unusual middle name suggestions..... any ideas??


moo said...

I wish I knew the first name because I am AWESOME at baby naming.

Our girl mn was to be Sage ... and I also love Clementine, Ruby, Emilia, Clara ... am I helping at all? lol

Linda N. said...

What about Sian or Tegan?