Sunday, March 29, 2009

Springtime in Chicago

ALL winter, and I mean ALL winter, Trevor (and Blake somewhat) has been DYING to make a snowman. Every time it snowed, it wasn't the right kind of snow (to light, or too icy) or we waited too long and then the snow wouldn't stick together!! So he was disappointed over and over again. He had a pile of snowman accessories waiting: a scarf that grandma provided, some buttons for eyes, and a carrot that is by now old and shriveled (but it's the one he wants for his snowman's nose, so don't throw it out!).

About the beginning of March, the last lingering snow melted and so did the hopes of a snowman for this winter. Trevor was upset, but got over it eventually. He acknowledged the fact that he would not build a snowman this winter. At the time, I put the emphasis on the word "this". I told him that next winter we would build one. What do I know....

Today, 9 days into spring, he got to build his snowman. Boy is he thrilled!!!

As for me, I'm not a big fan of "Springtime" in Chicago. This baby is supposed to be born in SPRING ... no more snow!!!

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