Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Swimming Class Part Deux....

So Tuesday was swimming class #2. I can't wait for the swim class where I get to go, but for now I keep missing them due to work.

Yet again, Blake complained from the beginning about not wanting to go. Of courese, Daddy pointed out to him that he wouldn't get to play the Wii. So, Blake retaliated with, if I go in then I get Wii and ice cream. Ah, my little negotiator.... but he went in!!

So there are 5 kids in the class. And they are all in the shallow end, wearing floaties, standing on a ledge so they are up to their "nickles" in the water. While the teacher was busy with another kid, Blake stepped off the ledge and was in over his head sputtering. So, T (being the good big brother) reached over and pulled him back on to the ledge (using the floaty as a handle). Good job T. Only then, it became a game! T would go off the ledge dog-paddle a little and B would pull him back. Of course, only Daddy saw this, the teacher was busy!!!

At some point they played the hokey pokey. So they were practicing putting their hands in, and
their faces in, and blowing bubbles. But of course, Blake just watched.

Then the teacher had them go around the edge of pool, holding on to edge with their hands, inching their way along. B prefered to do this with 1 arm and 1 hand to keep himself up out of water more. He's still a little nervous!! They made their way like this to the deep end, climbed out, shivered on the side, then jumped in. They're supposed to jump in one at a time to the teacher. Well, B 'hops' in, almost as if the teacher is pulling him, meanwhile T jumps as far out as he can go!

So, B is still a little hesitant, but a huge leap of progress from last week. Hopefully, we'll have continued success, and I get to go watch in 2 weeks! Yay!

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