Sunday, March 22, 2009

Photo Update

Today I downloaded about 200 photos from the camera to the computer. And of course, this means that none of these have been posted to the blog. So, without further delay, a photo update on what we've been doing lately!

Our trip to Michigan, about a month ago. Just a few shots of the boys and their friends being... just boys!

About 2 weeks ago, we headed downtown to the Children's Museum at Navy Pier. The kids love the place and I love how much they love it.

Climing through the nets
Blake the plumber

Yesterday was a big day around here.... We bought our new minivan. This was required before Baby Girl's arrival, so I'm glad to have it off the to do list!!!
The boys are excited to have their own seats, WAY in the back, where (they realized) Mommy can't reach them to stop them being bad! Oh no!

The boys helped me this morning in getting the nursery almost ready for Baby Girl. They helped put together the bassinet, and it was very interesting. Trevor is tied to the directions, and finds the pieces that you need based on looking at the directions. Blake looks at the final picture, and treats it just like a puzzle, he finds the pieces he needs to make it work... no directions needed! It was fun to see their different approaches, and to see how excited they were to make the bed for the baby!

Oh, and finally, for those who care, a pregnant Mommy photo. This was taken about 2 weeks ago, on March 5th, at almost 33 weeks pregnant.


moo said...

33w already!! And you are so TINY!

Angela said...

Love the new van. Here's a tech tip. Switch the boys. You can top tether the Apex to it's proper tether anchor on the passenger side, and since the Britax has a Versa-Tether (v-shaped) you can tether it to the center top tether anchor since the resulting angle is less than 20 degrees. Tethering the Apex to the center top tether while the seat is installed drive-side would not be a good idea since the tether is straight and not v-shaped.

Better yet...let me know when you want to do a seat check so we can put your infant seat in too =)

Linda N. said...

T is getting so tall!