Sunday, April 26, 2009

Diapers and Tape

Seriously, I'm done. I swear I will successfully potty train Izzy before Blake.

It's been ages since I blogged about potty training, and it's been going okay. He can make it dry for about 3 days in a row, and then he can't make it. But even on the days he's not dry all day, he's usually dry until after dinner, and then just seems to lose focus at the end of the day....when he's tired and cranky.

We've been at this for 4 months.... since his birthday at the end of December. I've seriously contemplated going back to diapers a few times, but never actually done it. I really think, with him, that it's a matter of a battle of wills. And, dammit, I will win this battle!!!

Each month, he's done a little better, and a little better. I think in March, he stayed dry about 12 days total... so almost 50%. At this rate, we'll be trained by the end of 2009...right???

Today, accident while I was out. He told Daddy he didn't need to go potty, and wouldn't go when Daddy told him to. Next thing ya know, pee on the rug.... and I came home to a "Nakey Blakey" what a nickname! Later, as I was feeding Izzy, Trevor commented that there was a puddle on the floor. I yelled for Steve to come down, and told Blake to go sit on the potty.

Well, Steve found the puddle on the floor (B was only allowed on the wood floor at this point), and also found.... (okay this is gross)....poop smeared on the carpeted stairs. UGH!!! I was SO mad. This is a new low for him! So he sat on the potty for a good long time (at least 30 minutes) while I finished feeding Izzy, and Steve cleaned up.

Finally, I went to get him out of the bathroom. And I went prepared....with a diaper and tape. And so I put the diaper on him, and taped around the top.... because I KNEW that he would hate the diaper and try to rip it off. He's been threatened with a diaper before, and he does not want to wear them.... he's adamant that he's a big boy, not a baby.

Well, for all of you contemplating this method, let me tell you the one thing I learned today. Blue painter's tape is VERY easy for kids to rip off. Take the time to find the duct tape!!! He ripped off the tape, and we re-taped him. And then he and I sat in the bathroom for about 30 minutes, while he had a HUGE fit. I've seen this kid have many major meltdowns in his 3 years of life, but this was one of the biggest. I was holding him down so he wouldn't hurt himself or me, and so he wouldn't rip off the tape.

Finally, he got tired of having a fit and getting no attention for it (I was busy reading all the catalogs I keep in the bathroom.... got some good window shopping done!). He calmed down and we talked about why the diaper and tape were on. We talked for a while, he wore the diaper for a while, and then I agreed to let him take it off... as long as it NEVER happened again. NO MORE accidents.... and he agreed.

Yeah... that worked until dinner time. Then, while sitting at dinner finishing eating, he peed on the chair, and pooped in his undies. So, straight to bed he went.

Now what do I do tomorrow??? Hubby has suggested diapers for a week, hiding all underwear, and then seeing how B feels about this whole potty training thing. I'm not sure I can keep him in diapers for a whole week, or even part of a day.... while attending to a newborn and a 4.5 year old! I definitely will need to find the duct tape, since we know the blue tape ain't gonna cut it.

Any other suggestions for ways to motivate him???? I gotta find this kid's achillies heel....he's gotta have a weakness I can exploit.... I just haven't found it yet!!!

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Joanna said...

Well here's my thoughts, he's probably regressing a little bit because of Izzy. However, I know how horribly frustrating that can be and I think you did right by diapering him.

Ben is still having an accident every once in a while, just pee. When I ask him to use the potty he says he doesn't have to, but I make him go anyway. Since he'll tell me not even a minute later that he has to go.

I also make sure to tell him how unhappy I am about him peeing in his pants. He always has to apologize for peeing. Mostly he has an accident because he's not getting there in time. He is always crying before he pees because he thinks he's not going to make it. EVERY time!! Somehow he manages to get there in time EVERY time, except for once or twice a month.