Monday, July 27, 2009

Visitors, and more visitors

It's been a VERY busy few weeks. We've had tons of visitors, and TONS of fun. Rather than squish it all into one blog post, I'm going to attempt to do a few seperate posts in the next few days about them all!!

10 days ago, on a Friday, my brother came into town. That's my brother Uncle Tim, as opposed to Daddy's brother, Uncle Tim! Confusing ain't it!! Anywho... Uncle Tim came to town for a few days on his way to Montana. You see if you fly United, Chi-town is on your way to anywhere in the west, because all flights stop here, as it's a hub. So Tim made his layover 4 days long, and came to hang out with the boys and meet the little girl.

Friday, I picked him up at the airport. The boys stayed home with Daddy who had the day off, and were not happy that I was going to the airport alone. They were THRILLED when Tim and I walked in the door!!! From that moment, until his departure on Monday, he was required to spend any and every waking moment playing with them. They played cards, games, legos, cars, trains, and of course, tackle Uncle Tim. I'm honestly not sure what was their favorite!! But I know Tim's favorite was NOT tackle! They got him good!

Saturday we took a trip up to the nearby Renaissance Faire. It was cute, but more of a rip-off than I remember. There were things to see, but DOING almost everything was going to cost you a small fortune. And that's after paying the admission fee (thanks for covering us Tim!). For me, hubby, Tim, one of the more interesting parts of the day was watching all the people in their various outfits. Some were trully Renaissance style, but others were fairies, or more Medieval princesses/princes, and some were just weird clothes and slutty outfits worn to get attention!!! We watched the joust which the boys enjoyed, and they went on a few rides. But I think I've realized that it's just not the great expereience I keep thinking it will be, and I'm not going to push hubby to go again! (He will be THRILLED to hear that, as he never wants to go!).

On Sunday, we took Uncle Tim to the Milwaukee Zoo. The boys love the zoo and can NEVER go too many times. We never see all the animals, and something is always changing or different. This time we saw the rhino, the giraffes, the polar bears, the bats, the crocodiles, and all the monkeys. The boys also finally got to go on the Sky Ride since we had enough adults to go with them, and one to stay with Miss Iz. That was definetly the highlight of their day as they have been waiting FOREVER to go on it!

Monday we lounged around in the am, and then took Uncle Tim to catch his flight to Montana. The drive to O'Hare is a long one, so once we dropped Tim off (which was traumatic for the boys!), we went to a nearby park to run off some energy and feed Miss Iz. The boys loved the park as it's about a mile from O'Hare and they got to see TONS of planes take-off and land and it was very loud!!! They couldn't figure out which one Uncle Tim was on, but they kept trying to see him!!! They were also thrilled that the Icy Pickle Truck (that's the Ice Cream Man to you and me!) pulled up to the park, and mommy was actually willing to spend money and get them popsicles!!!

All in all, it was a great visit with Uncle Tim. I'm glad he managed to fit us in, and come stay (especially while combining it with another trip and saving some $$$). We all had a great time, and now he's having fun in Montana!

Pictures coming soon!!

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