Sunday, April 20, 2008

Busy Times

It's been a while, since I've had time to post, as we've been busy!!! In the last few weeks we've gone to Navy Pier and the children's museum there, a reptile show, and lots of parks as the weather has finally gotten nice!!!

So here are some photo's from the last few adventures!

View from Navy Pier Ferris Wheel:
The Ferris Wheel. The boys loved their first ride!
At the end of the pier:
At the Children's Museum, Trevor in a T-Rex skull!
Trevor 'planting vegetables'

Blake harvesting vegetables to make soup!Blake washing windows, while Trevor drives the bus:

At the reptile show, Trevor holds a Bearded Dragon. Blake will ONLY touch reptiles if they are in Trevor's lap!Trevor pets a red-eyed tree frog.
Trevor touches a snake skin, while friend Colin looks on.
Trevor tries to feed some lizards.

Trevor, with friends Drew and Colin and their mom Erin, watch an alligator The boys were disappointed it wasn't moving enough. Blake decided to try to help out and crawled UNDER the table. Then the gator moved!!! 4 little boys (Colin, Drew, Trevor & Blake) watching alligators roaming around!
The 4 boys had a FABULOUS time at the reptile show. Thanks to Erin for driving! From Trevor's love of everything at the show and desire to touch them ALL, I think some day I will own a few reptiles.....ewww!!!


Erin said...

You're gonna own a snake some day!! LOL!!

The Kappels said...

and when i do, i'll buy one for you too!