Thursday, April 24, 2008

Worms, worms, worms

If you're surprised by the title of this post, then you are unaware that I have two boys under age 4 (and one husband!) living in this house with me!! We do lots of the usual things that parents and kids do and I'll blog about them too. But this is a topic that couldn't be missed!

Today, it rained. And when it rains, the worms come out. So after dinner, here's what the boys did for fun:

Why, you ask?? Why??

Isn't the first sentence above enough reason??! There are 3 males in this house and two of them are under age 4. WORMS ROCK!!!!

But seriously, this is why.....vermicomposting. Otherwise known as worm composting. Fun times!! We are now collecting worms, keeping them in a plastic tub (with a lid!), and feeding them food scraps. Why? Because they will eat it, poop, and that becomes a nice compost! Who knew!!! (who wanted to??!?!). Learn more here.

It's just one more way we're trying to be green. And even if it doesn't result in much compost, the boys will LOVE this science project (who wouldn't want to watch and wait for worms to poop!). Me, I'm just gonna stay away from it, other than making sure the lid is on TIGHT!!!


Beth said...

As a girl, I happily declare, "Worms are gross! Ewww!"

Jen said...

you're a brave, brave girl. how many worms got split in half in this project?.. i always got skeeved out by that! it's why i can't fish. anyway...

1. how did the walk go? i haven't blogged about mine, but it was an incredible experience.. you'll have to read about it if i ever get my act together and write about it..*laff*

2. did you know that 1 part urine to 9 parts water (i.e. 10% urine mix) makes "the perfect" fertilizer? we do a lot of green work at work now and i attended a seminar last week that was entirely about human waste and recycling.. it was wonderful.. *roll eyes* but seriously.. have steve do some research if he hasn't heard of it.. you can get split toilets that are still water flushing but they send the waste out to special collector whosiwhatsis and you wind up with a liquid fertilizer mix and dried pellets that can be used either in heating systems that run on pellet fule or can also be used as fertilizer. it's all the rage.. :) your boys would LOVE it.