Tuesday, March 16, 2010

11 months (and 1 day!)

I made it this far, always managing to find time to blog on her monthly birthday, and one month shy of perfection, I missed it! Instead, I was busy creating and updating websites last night, and didn't manage to get her 11-month update in. Bad mommy!!

As you might have heard already, she's WALKING!! It's been about 2 weeks now and she's just getting better and faster at it!! She can stand up (from sitting) on her own in the middle of the room without a table or anything to pull herself up on. She can walk towards something, change her mind and and change direction without falling over. Her biggest problem is slippery socks on the hardwood floor!!!

She's sleeping great, although she seems to be content to take only 1 nap a day already. At least it's a 3 hour one!!!

She eating like a horse, or really, more like Blake. Anything and everything including non-food items (playdoh) and foods she's not allowed to have (m&m's) are fair game if she can get her hands on them. She recently has started to fill up her mouth with EVERYTHING that gets put on her tray and then sits there with a full mouth and cheeks trying to mash and swallow it all. Not a pretty picture!! So, her newest nickname is "Chipmunk"!

She's lots of fun and likes to imitate lots of moments like shaking your head "yes" or "no" or pretending to dance by bobbing her head around. She thinks she's SOO funny and loves when she gets a reaction from me, daddy or the boys especially!!! She's give you a coy little smile as she tilts her head to the side as if to say, "Why ya lookin' at me? Oh, am I cute?? I didn't know that!"

She's learned to play ball. She'll grab a ball and throw it at you (or sometimes wing it the complete opposite direction, but still!) and wait for you to roll it back. She'll play for a good 10-15 minutes before getting bored of the game, and really likes when more than one person plays with her at once....all the balls coming at her at once make her laugh!!

And she LOVES being held upside down! In fact, when she's in your arms or on your lap, she'll throw her head and body backwards to try and get herself upside down. It can make you practically drop her if you're not expecting it!!!

This fashion statement brought to you by Kate. LOVE IT!

I'm in the planning stages of her birthday party and just ordered all the invitations, plates, and decorations. I can't believe she'll be ONE in a month!!!

Oh...and STILL NO TEETH! Not that I'm complaining, especially from a nursing perspective, but wow!

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Ilanna said...

Ok - my first comment is: that pacifier is awesome!!! :)

second - sounds wonderful - a lot like mikki - i keep finding mikki chipmunking stolen dog food in her mouth! LOL - but the standing in the middle of the floor and walking is fabulous!! :)