Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break: Day 2: New Bike

For SOOOO long, Blake REFUSED to have much to do with a bike/tricycle/big wheel. And when he did choose to get near/on one, he REFUSED to have ANYTHING to do with the pedals.

It started with his tricycle, which he would sit on and push himself around with his feet on the ground, and whine that the pedals were hitting him in the legs. But he wouldn't pedal.

So we got him a big wheel. We thought, "he CAN'T push this with his feet, it's too close to the ground". But he somehow managed too push with his feet instead of pedaling, complaining the WHOLE time that it was SOOO hard to make it go. But he wouldn't pedal!!

Last summer when Trev got his big boy bike with no training wheels, I hoped and wished that B would want to ride T's old bike with the training wheels. He did, but HE WOULDN'T PEDAL! Finally, in September, as T ditched the training wheels, B started to pedal! I was so excited!!!

After a long winter, we've been getting out to our bikes a few times on the warmer spring days, and I was SOOO worried that B would go back to his old ways....whining, not pedaling, not wanting to ride a 'big boy bike'. Thank goodness, I was wrong!

Instead, he was whining that he was TOO BIG for the little 12" bike that he was riding around on. (And honestly, he was too big for it. He's practically as tall as T!) He was begging and demanding a bigger bike, and NO training wheels!!!

That's my kid... he's not ready, until he's ready, and then he's TOTALLY ready...RIGHT NOW!!!

So Saturday, Daddy and Blake went and got a new bike (I found a $20 off deal at TRU for this weekend only!). And today they put it together and B got to ride it!

As excited as he will ever look for the camera. I'm just glad he actually looked at the camera!!

The boys helping Daddy build.
Putting the pedals on!

The Rattlesnake! The cool name was the clincher!
But he decided he did want the training wheels, at least for now.

Maybe by the end of summer we'll take them off!

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The Hills said...

I cannot believe how big they've gotten! They look so much older than when we were there. It's crazy how fast all of the kids are growing!