Monday, March 29, 2010

Pardon the Interruption

We interrupt this program for a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. Or actually, we interrupt this blog so that Mommy can rant!!!

While the park visit yesterday was mostly fun, I have to get this rant off my chest!! The park was FULL of 12-16 year old kids who were playing chase and hide-n-seek ALL over the park. This particular park is a wooden park that has lots of staircases and turrets and towers.

The big kids were running super fast, jumping over various obstacles, muscling their way over fences, and not paying ANY attention to any of the other people at the park. Oh and they were cursing enough to make me blush (and those of you who know me, know how foul my mouth can be!!). They were making me CRAZY!!!!

I guess I should be glad they were out in the fresh air getting some exercise and not sitting in a basement playing video games or smoking... BUT I was annoyed! Heck there was even a mom there that was ENCOURAGING them.

As I rounded up my boys to leave, I was explaining to them that we were leaving because of the big kids. Because I was worried that they would get hurt. Another mom heard me and came over to chat. She mentioned her son had been kicked in the head by these teens. I was SO livid and I was ready to go scream at all the teens!!!! Don't make Mama Bear mad!!!

But the boys were half way to the car, so I had to leave. Maybe it was for the best that I didn't take on a pack of 16 year old boys.....

We now conclude this test of the Mommy Rant System and return you to your regularly scheduled spring break programming! Thank you for your time!!


Jen said...

Next time, take on the teenage boys! They need to learn limits at some point and respect for others - but be prepared for a lot of eye rolling etc.

Tina said...

I have actually found if you say something to the teenagers, they typically realize they are in the wrong & shut up.

However the park near (not next to, just near) the middle school here has kids at it while they are in gym class. The park states it is for ages 4-8 & there is no adult in site. I am getting ready to complain to the school b/c shouldn't the teacher be with them or the kids should be doing something actually for class?

How did swim lessons turn out?

misstj said...

J-I would have if they had actually hurt my kids. but yes, they do need to learn limits I agree!!

Jen said...

Oh, if they hurt little kids - that's a whole other story where I would be getting names and getting in touch with parents and schools!