Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break: Day 1: Easter Egg Hunt

Spring Break has arrived, and it's even supposed to have good weather (we'll see if the weather man is a liar or not!!!). SToday was the first day of spring break and both boys are quite excited by the thought of NO SCHOOL for 10 days!! Me, not sure if I'm excited yet...ask me next Monday (the 10th day!).

Saturday was also the village easter egg hunt. It was about 40 and chilly, but no rain, no snow, and no mud for the first time in 3 years! Yay!! So here's our day in pictures:

Izzy ready to go!
Picking up her first egg!
And putting it her bucket!

She's so proud of herself!!Blake had a great time too! On your mark...

Get set....Go...

And done! He wouldn't look at me for one SINGLE picture!!
And then of course Trevor had his turn. He didn't even want us to come out there since all his classmates were there and he's "too cool" already to be around his parents! Geez! But he had a great time collecting eggs!

More spring break coming soon!

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The Hills said...

You stole my idea! I was going to do a blog post for everyday of Spring Break! I guess great minds think alike!