Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break: Day 3: Fire, Peanuts, and Park

Monday, the first 'true' day of spring break, we went on a 'field trip' to the Fire Station. We did a tour of the same station a few years ago, but I thought the boys would enjoy doing it again, since they don't seem to remember going the first time! Apparently (I say that a lot!) I was wrong. Trevor spent most of the time saying, "Lame!" and Blake wasn't nearly as excited as I would have expected of a little boy obsessed with trucks. Later Blake explained he likes CONSTRUCTION trucks not fire trucks or anything else!!! Oopsies!!

None the less, we saw fire trucks, pumpers, ladder trucks, and ambulances. The boys got to walk thru a couple trucks and the ambulance, and they got to see where the firemen eat, sleep, and work. Izzy seemed to like it, but the boys were a little ambivalent.

Sadly, I forgot my camera for this part, so I'm waiting for some pictures from some friends!

From the fire station, we headed off to a local restaurant for lunch. The boys call it "The Peanut Restaurant" as they have baskets of nuts on the table, and you get to throw the shells on the floor! This was probably the highlight of the day for them!! I was just happy they were happy, and that they didn't feed Izzy and nuts!! They also have a bunch of arcade games, including a "play til you win" claw machine, so the boys came home with some cheap trinkets that make them happy!!! (Trev is now sporting his first gold chain, a la "Mr T"!!!).

Finally, we wrapped up the day at the park. It was cool but sunny, so we stayed for a little bit and had some fun!!

Iz hanging out driving the wooden boat
Blake staying "safe" by not walking on the wood chips (some game he and T were playing!)
My little girl posing!
What a FUN day!!

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