Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hair Cuts

For weeks I've been noticing the boys needed hair cuts. Even Trevor has started pointing out that his hair is "extra long". For weeks, I've avoided this, and done nothing about it. Today, I realized I could avoid it no longer. With a promise of picking a toy out when they were done, PROVIDING they were good during the hair cut, and promising, McDonald's and playtime at the mall, we agreed that getting hair cuts was a good idea. Whew!



Playing at the mall:
I think the playing at the mall was quite entertaining today-for me and them!! For $1 they rode on a kiddie roller coaster that was a simulator of going on an actual coaster....very cool! Trevor even got into it and put his hands up and screamed during the down-hill parts!!

They also had a great time playing in the kiddie play area at the mall. It was recently redone and while better than what was there before in my opinion, it leaves the boys wanting more. It is geared at very young kids. So my kids, and others, just decide to climb the toys, since they're too boring to just sit in or on!!

I talked with another mom of 2 boys who do the same thing! They were all having a great time climbing everything in site. But we know there are just some mom's out there watching us and our kids thinking, "How dare they let them do that!". Well.... sometimes there really isn't any choice! I pick the battles these days, and this was one I wasn't going to fight! At least they didn't get hurt, or hurt anyone else. What more can you ask for?? Sleeping on the way home....that's what!!

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Erin said...

The boys just got major hair cuts yesterday too! Now they all 4 can look good together! :)