Thursday, April 2, 2009

72% Complete

About a month ago, some of my closest 'mom' friends gathered to throw me a baby shower. I've met this group of women online since both the boys were born, and I've met some REALLY awesome ladies. The shower was fun, and of course came with lots of 'traditional' baby gifts... and things that a first-time-mom-of -a-girl must have: barrettes, headbands, pink crocs, dresses, BabyLegs, pink blankets, etc. Lots of wonderful things that will be well used when this little girl arrives (any day now is just fine kiddo.... the sooner the better!).

I also received an awesome gift that is something I would not typically indulge in. Something I wouldn't be able to justify to myself to spend the money on, after all think of all the things I could spend that amount of money on instead. But something that I've been lusting after for a while, after a few of the aforementioned mom friends showed me theirs. I got an awesome, beautiful, wonderful, Fleurville diaper bag.

But today, I got some truly NECESSARY baby gifts, courtesy of my sister-in-law, Kate. Three items that complete my little girls wardrobe. Three items that you should definitely put on any baby registry, or birthday list for a little girl. (Do you sense the sarcasm yet???)

I think the shirt is by far my favorite.... definitely the most original. Even Trevor recognized the symbolism, commenting "Isn't that like when my game is loading on the computer and it's not done yet??!" Oh how smart my big guy is!!

While I am being sarcastic that these are necessary for everyone, they are totally awesome gifts that are greatly appreciated. Over the years, Kate has added tons of personality to my boys wardrobes. From handmade tie-dyed onesies and sleepers, to custom-made quilts and blankets, to smart @$$ shirts like "It's my brother's fault" and "What happens in preschool stays in preschool" and "I still live with my parents". I LOVE the looks my kids get when they wear those shirts! Kate has made sure that my kids outfits have personality and that they definitely belong in our "personality filled" family! Thanks Kate!


Angela said...

So is Kate responsible for that lovely ultrasound shirt you have as well? That sounds like a gift right up her! I LOVE the shirt. Oh pray tell where did she find it? Noah must have one. Especially since he's super constipated so maybe a little humor will help him "load up" his diaper.

And neener, neener, neener - you're now one of us you materialistic, designer diaper bag carrying momma!

Katie said...

Tegan, those are hilarious! What great gifts- you'll definitely have to post pics of her using the vampire teeth when she's finally arrived : )