Saturday, April 25, 2009

Izzy Update

Not much to report here. We've gotten back into the swing of 'regular' life... taking the boys to school, going to the park (it was 83 yesterday!), going to the grocery store.... etc. Nothing too exciting, but regular everyday life, with 3 kids.

The boys are really adjusting quite well to having Izzy around. Trevor is still in love, and always wants to hold her. Blake is more and more into her, watching her, watching out for her, and making sure I know as soon as she is crying (as if I can't hear her!).

Possibly, my biggest area of 'concern' was what they would think of me breastfeeding her. Thankfully, they both seem to think nothing of it. They asked and watched a little the first few days, but they don't seem to question it, wonder about it, or be upset by it. They've both asked about it briefly, but are content to know that "babies drink mommy's milk" and that they both did, and that's about it. At one point, one of them asked when Daddy would feed Izzy, but that hasn't come up again. I guess I was worried for nothing!! They are still wanting to give her a bottle, and I've told them they'll get a chance to when she's a little older, and that seems to satisfy them.

As for Izzy, she's sleeping, eating, and going thru diapers! Just like a newborn should. She's a tiny beautiful peanut, and I swear I can't remember either of the boys being this tiny, but they were!! She is pretty good about days vs. nights, and actually slept from 10 pm last night, til 5 am this morning! Holy cow.... I know that won't be the case every night, but I'll take it once in a while.

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