Saturday, April 18, 2009

Five (5)

There are five people in this family. There are five bedrooms in my house. Simple math right.... 5 divided by 5 equals 1. One person per room. Okay, so hubby and I share a room (now that I'm not preggo!) so that's 1 empty room. The boys share a room, so that's 2 empty rooms. And for the moment, Izzy shares a room with us, but eventually she'll move to the nursery. So that's 3 empty rooms... right???

Do you know how many people went to sleep in my room? 3...three that belonged there. And do you know how many woke up there? 5. Because between midnight and 3 am, something happened (was there a full moon?). First Blake woke up upset....who knows why. He eventually decided he wanted to sleep downstairs (after watching a short movie!), so he did.

As I went back to bed, Izzy woke up to eat. I finished feeding her, and went back to bed.... for 15 minutes. Then Blake was awake again, not happy at being the only person downstairs (I warned ya buddy!), so he decided to sleep on the floor by our bed in the master. Fine with me.... (it's been ages since we've let either of them sleep in the bed with us, as we got into a REAL power struggle with Trevor over it for a while). If they are desperate enough to be willing to sleep on the floor, well come on in then.... but my bed is for me....your bed is for you! Sorry, I need and LIKE my sleep (and I don't sleep well with kids in the bed!).

About an hour later, I hear T making noise in his room. So I send Steve in to deal with it.... I'm too tired! I hear the tell-tale signs of a bloody nose, so I join them in the bathroom and help calm T down and wait out the nose bleed. He gets them all the time during the night, knows what to do and how to handle them, but depending on what phase of sleep he's in when it hits, it sometimes leads to a very sad Trevor. This was one of those nights.... he was inconsolable! Eventually, it stopped, and he calmed down. And he too joined the slumber party in our bedroom on the floor.

So, five people + five bedrooms = five people in one bedroom! On the plus side, Izzy slept from then until 6 am. Didn't fuss loud enough to wake the boys, and they slept until 8:30 or so! (Much better than the usual 6:30 or 7 am at the latest!!!)


Angela said...

Still lovin'the hair. I have to try the "you sleep on the floor" trick. I don't sleep well with Maddie's feet in my back.

Elizabeth said...

I agree w/ Angela about the hair, very cute. Great family pic, you even got the cat, hehe. Yeah, I like the floor trick too, may have to remember that one! I am sure the 5 in 1 is just a first of many to come