Monday, April 13, 2009

Random Photos

Some random photos I found as I looked for one in particular...

Trevor enjoying a rare treat in Mommy's bubble tub...

The boys 'sharing' Trevor's Blackhawk's jersey. They were convinced they could both fit....and they could. But getting out proved to be VERY difficult!
My boys.... Blake showing off his new sunglasses (while wearing jammies) and Trevor playing the Wii.
Trevor showing off his math skills. He did all the counting and writing himself and got it all right!
Christmas presents from my brother arrived a little late (like January, not April!(Amazon's fault, not his!). Trevor got a Star Wars Lego ship
Blake got Hi-Ho Cherry-O.
Here's what happens when the boys share their toys... Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper watching a game of Hi-Ho Cherry-O!!!

Just to add to the post from a few weeks ago.... The boys aren't the only ones who get t-shirts with "personality" from Aunt Kate. Mom & Baby get them too...

No, it's not a real ultrasound pic (at least not of my kid). But there are days when that certainly sums up how she's feeling. If I have time, I will put this shirt on before leaving for the hospital....and wear it as I walk into L&D!! Just cause I can!!

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Greg said...

I love the ultrasound tee-shirt, that is really clever.