Sunday, May 18, 2008


I was all ready to post tonight about our great weekend, all the fun stuff we did Friday and Saturday. But then, the kids happened...... GRRRRR!!!

Between 6 and 7:35, each had been in time out about a MILLION times (I'm not exaggerating!) each for the same repeated offenses, and finally there was no reasoning with them. Bath time rescheduled, just throw them in jammies and in bed. No stories, no routine, no nice-ness.... I'm DONE!!! They just made me crazy!!! SO much so, that I just can't write nice happy things about the fun we had..... so I'll have to do that later!!! GRRRRR!


Greg said...

What did the kids do to deserve a million timeouts over the course of 95 minutes?

Furthermore, is it possible to serve a MILLION timeouts in 95 minutes? I image you have to serve at least 1000 concurrently each minute to even come close.

The Kappels said...

okay, now i've calmed down. they each got about 10 time outs. trevor's all for hitting and throwing. blake's for spitting. they were just wound up, tired out, and not able to handle anything.... it was, steve & i agree, the roughest night we've had with the two of them probably ever - in terms of behavior at least.